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Here at A Is For Adoption, we’re a private adoption center in CA that, unlike any other organization, focuses on caring for the birth mother as best as we can. Today we’re going to cover some commonly asked questions about private adoption.

  • What exactly is private adoption? Private (or independent) adoption is a legal method of building a family through adoption without using an adoption agency for placement. In private adoption, the birth parents relinquish their parental rights directly to the adoptive parents, instead of to an agency. Like other types of adoption, private adoption is governed by state laws.
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of private adoption?
    • The advantages?
      • Greater control over choice for birth parents and adoptive parents. Private adoption allows all parties involved to make choices about the baby and each other. For many, the opportunity to meet provides added reassurance that decisions are being made in the best interests of the child.
      • More information. Direct contact means more extensive background information for the child, including medical, social, and religious histories.
      • More immediate bonding. Private adoption allows the newborn baby to bypass foster care in a temporary home or an orphanage. Indeed, most babies adopted privately come home from the hospital with the adoptive parents, so the bonding process begins immediately.
      • Chance of shorter search. Compared with agency adoptions, the search times for infants may be shorter.
    • The disadvantages?
      • Unpredictability of costs. Unlike agency fees, which are generally fixed and known in advance, the costs of private adoption vary.
      • Inability to select the gender of the child.
      • Greater stress. Because of the active role that birth parent(s) and adoptive parents play in a private adoption, there can be a great deal of stress. Birth parents can change their minds about placing the child after birth. However, the length of time during which a birth parent can change his/her mind is governed by law and varies.

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