1. The Impact Of Giving Your Child Up For Adoption – Part One

    Adoption is a beautiful opportunity for children to live better lives. It is truly a miracle to transform an unexpected pregnancy into a chance for another couple to complete their family. However, when you give your child up for adoption, it can be a strange loss, and one that you are unsure how to handle. At A Is 4 Adoption, we treat our birth mothers better than any other adoption center or age…Read More

  2. How Adoption Affects Adoptive Parents – Part 3

    We previously discussed the two final impacts that adoption can have on its parents. However, according to the Child Welfare Information Gateway, the impact of adoption is far-reaching, and can extend long past the rush of the adoption process is over. Understanding these trials that you may face can be your best defense against them, and with A Is 4 Adoption, you know you have an adoption center …Read More

  3. How Adoption Affects Adoptive Parents- Part 2

    Last time we discussed a recent article published by the Child Welfare Information Gateway. Conducting a study of parents who had adopted children, they sought to better understand the impact of adoption on adoptive parents so that prospective parents could better understand what was in store. At our California adoption center, we seek to make this adoption process as seamless as possible, giving …Read More

  4. How Adoption Affects Adoptive Parents- Part 1

    In August of 2015, the Child Welfare Information Gateway conducted a study of parents who had undergone the adoption process in order to better understand what the impact truly is of adopting a child. By opening with a series of questions directed toward prospective adoptive parents, they were very careful to ensure that those who were seeking to adopt were not only financially able to support a n…Read More

  5. The Open Adoption Process for Adoptive Parents

    We make it our business to be a different kind of adoption center. By working closely with both birth parents and adoptive families throughout the entire adoption process, we do our best to pair both sides in order to produce beautiful and loving connections that will improve the life of each child. Because we care for our birth mothers better than any other adoption center or agency in California…Read More

  6. The Open Adoption Process For Birth Mothers

    Many women who decide to give their child up for adoption choose an open adoption. An open adoption is an adoption in which the birth mother is able to contact their biological child. The exact nature and frequency of this contact is determined during the adoption process according to your plan. While open adoption doesn’t work for everyone, it is the best option for many women. Here is what you…Read More

  7. The Adoption Waiting Game

    Adoption is a process that is rife with many different emotions: joy, fear, frustration, excitement, and sometimes impatience. The adoption process often takes a very long time, and when you are working with an adoption agency in CA, you may find that you are waiting years before your adoption goes through. In that time, you may feel agitated and unsure of what to do with all that time. Here, we p…Read More

  8. Setting Realistic Expectations About Adoption

    Adopting a child is a life-changing experience. If you have been wanting to be a parent for a while and have now turned to adoption as your best option, you may have expectations that you don’t even realize. As with any major life change, it is important to have realistic expectations when you adopt, for your own sake, the sake of your future child, and the sake of your family. When you are work…Read More

  9. Adoption Centers v. Adoption Agencies

    A is 4 Adoption is proud to be a family-owned and operated adoption center in CA. We realize that the adoption process is complicated, and therefore, can be confusing. One aspect that is confusing for many people going through the adoption process for the first time is the difference between an adoption center and an adoption agency. Here, we will explain the difference, and why we believe our ado…Read More

  10. Introducing Your Family To Your Adopted Child

    We discussed last week the importance of introducing your adopted child to your family in the right way to ensure that your new child won’t feel overwhelmed or out of place. However, it is equally important to introduce your family to your adopted child in the right way. With a family that is prepared, welcoming, and loving, your new child will be sure to grow up in a happy environment where the…Read More