1. Top Questions To Ask Before Putting Your Child Up For Adoption Part 1

    Soon-to-be mothers who are unsure as to whether or not they can give their child up for adoption will be faced with a multitude of tough questions and decisions. Contrary to popular belief, the birth mothers who do decide to go the adoption route are doing so to give their child the best chances for a successful life. Through a number of life circumstances, many pregnant women come to the conclusi…Read More

  2. Adopting A Baby And Tips To Help New Parents Bond Part 2

    New parents, whether they are biological or adoptive, will face a major concern once the new baby is brought home. The worries surrounding proper bonding practices can be worrisome, yet oftentimes the adoptive parents are even more stressed about their baby bonding properly and recognizing them as the loving support figures in the situation. From start to finish, the adoption process in this count…Read More

  3. Adopting A Baby And Tips To Help New Parents Bond Part 1

    The act of adopting a child is seen as a commitment of love, where the birthmother and adoptive parents have decided to work together in the best interests of the child. Being able to give your child up for adoption is a true act of love, and raising a new child to grow your existing family is a selfless endeavor. While the adoption process is rife with challenges and setbacks, it can be beneficia…Read More

  4. Explaining The Issues With Adopted Child Syndrome

    The process of adoption can be seen as an amazing act that is done by all parties to best benefit the child. From the birth mother selflessly giving up their biological child to the adoptive parents welcoming a new miracle into their family, everyone is putting their best efforts forward to create an enjoyable life for the kid at the center of it all. A is 4 Adoption was founded to help in this be…Read More

  5. Looking At Adoption From Different Stages Of Development In Children Part 3

    As we go through childhood, we pass through multiple stages of development. This seemingly generic statement is fraught with exciting new concepts, skills, and emotions, yet the pressure and stress associated with growing can be a lot for young children to handle. Any child that was adopted as a baby will have even more intense feelings and emotions as they age, creating a complex situation for bo…Read More

  6. Looking At Adoption From Different Stages Of Development In Children Part 2

    As children age and mature, they strive to find a sense of purpose and belonging in the world. From the development of their identity to how people perceive it, kids are constantly piecing together how they fit into our society. This can be an exciting and stressful time for many youths, as new processes and skills come into play. Children who have gone through the adoption process often face addi…Read More

  7. Looking At Adoption From Different Stages Of Development In Children Part 1

    The act of adoption can be seen as the most selfless act of love for all parents involved. Birth mothers give up their own flesh and blood to provide a better life for their child while adoptive parents bring in a young outsider with the same goal. One area that has intrigued many Americans is how the adopted child understands their situation. Based on their age, the reaction can be vastly differe…Read More

  8. Explaining The Differences Between Public And Private Adoptions Part 2

    When it comes to adopting a child, prospective parents have a number of choices for how they should proceed. From domestic to international and public or private adoptions, the method you choose for how to grow your family can greatly affect the experience. Anyone seeking children for adoption may turn to a normal adoption agency in California. A is 4 Adoption recommends checking out our establish…Read More

  9. Explaining The Differences Between Public And Private Adoptions Part 1

    Americans who are looking to adopt a child will have several decisions that must be made before continuing through with the process. Adopting a baby can prove to be a very complex, stressful, extended experience that may feel like a lifetime of waiting. A is 4 Adoption is here to provide prospective parents and birth mothers with all of the resources and support they need to create the best possib…Read More

  10. The Differences Between Adopting Baby Vs An Older Child Part 2

    Anyone that is considering adopting a child will likely have a myriad of questions and processes to go through in order to be approved. One major choice that can have a big impact on the entire adoption process is the child's age at the time of adoption. Adopting a baby is far different than welcoming an older child to the family. While this is a sound statement, the most important aspect that sho…Read More