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Let’s face it, finding out that you are pregnant with an unplanned pregnancy can send shock waves of fear through your core. Babies are little miracles, but if you are not ready to be a parent, the news can be devastating and scary. If you are just beginning your search for possible options for your baby and have stumbled upon our site, Welcome! At A is 4 Adoption we would like to be the first to applaud you in your courage of taking the first steps of investigation in discovering that you have wonderful options that can lead to a bright future for you and your baby and there can be a fairytale ending.

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Success Stories


They really are sweethearts

I'm writing this letter because I want other birth mom's to know that this decision is truly an unselfish one. I know its really hard to think that your child will be living with someone else, but the…Read More



God bless Julie and Laurie

Dear Birthmother, Allow me to commend you on your decision to place your child for adoption. Thankfully, you have chosen A is 4 Adoption to help you through this very difficult time. I found A is 4 Ad…Read More