If You Are Considering Adoption, We’re Here to Help

If you’re contemplating adoption and you’ve started researching the process, then you’re probably feeling overwhelmed. Along with information overload, the road to adoption can be filled with red tape and road blocks. A is 4 Adoption is deeply committed to your goal, and enlists a network of top-notch professionals to expedite the adoption process.

At A is 4 Adoption we understand adoption can be an emotional experience which will raise many questions now, and as you go through the adoption process. Rest assured, you can count on A is 4 Adoption for emotional support and encouragement every step of the way.

Taking You Step by Step

A is 4 Adoption is committed to lead you to the miracle of adoption, with each step of the process going as smoothly as possible. How do we do this?

First, we limit the number of adoptive couples we work with, so you are assured of personalized service throughout the adoption process. For your comfort, you may choose an open or private adoption.

Second, A is 4 Adoption only works with birth mothers who are California residents.This allows us to maintain close contact and provide support services, as needed. All of our birth mothers are thoroughly screened for personal, family, and birth father history.

In our birth mother screening procedures, A is 4 Adoption obtains a medical history. We coordinate her pre-natal care. If she needs housing and financial support, we make arrangements for her. Additionally, A is 4 Adoption addresses birth father and grandparent issues, ensuring the entire family is on board with the adoption decision.

Third, after finding birth parents who are a potential match, A is 4 Adoption sets up interviews and match meetings, where we serve as mediators to make the situation as comfortable as possible for everyone. Sometimes adoptive parents find it hard to express themselves in words. That’s why A is 4 Adoption will help you create a profile letter and compile a photo album to present to prospective birth parents. When we find the right birth mother for you, A is 4 Adoption facilitates the legal procedures through our network of highly qualified attorneys who specialize in adoption. When the baby is born, an A is 4 Adoption staff member will accompany you to the hospital to provide emotional support and create a smooth transition.

A is 4 Adoption understands you are unique individuals who have something extraordinary to offer a baby who needs a home. We limit our overhead, keeping our fees reasonable, allowing us to design a flexible plan to meet YOUR needs.

Don’t take our word for it. Find out for yourself how wonderful the process can be by contacting us today. Holding your hand throughout the entire adoption process, we tend to every detail, from beginning to end.