Every child deserves a loving family, which is why A is 4 Adoption exists! We know that sometimes choosing what is best for your child can be the hardest decision in the world. If you are a birth mother and want to find the right family to place your child with, then please contact us to learn more about how we can help. Unlike traditional adoption agencies, A is 4 Adoption partners with you to protect your privacy, provide the support you need, and guide you towards finding the right family for your baby. Call today to learn more about our services for birth mothers.

1. This choice impacts many people

When a mother chooses to place her baby with a family other than her own, her decision impacts many more people than just herself and her child. Other family members, including grandparents, siblings, and aunts and uncles love this child and may want to continue having contact by way of open adoption.

2. I want my child to know that I love them

Just because a birth mother chooses adoption for her baby doesn’t mean that she doesn’t love her child. In fact, just the opposite is true. The decision to place your baby with a loving family is one of the most difficult and heart-wrenching decisions that any mother will ever have to make. It is a truly selfless act of love based on the fact that she believes that you can provide things for her baby that she cannot.

3. I hope you teach my child to respect me

No matter what reasons prompted a birth mother to choose adoption, she wants to know that you will teach her child to respect her for the difficult decision that she made. An Adoption is a wonderful option that allows families who are unable to have children on their own to bring a baby into their home. Teach your child to respect her because of her selfless act of love that allowed you to make them a part of your family.

4. I think about my child all the time

There is no returning to a normal life after she has given birth. She is aware that she will not be the one singing lullabies to her baby at night or watching them grow up. There will always be a part of her that thinks about and misses her child. Her pain will lessen over time, but it is important for you to know that she thinks about her child because of how much she loves them. In fact, she loved them enough to choose you to be the family who raises her child.

5. I chose adoption because I love my child

The ability to evaluate your circumstances and acknowledge that you are not the best one to handle a situation is a tough decision for anyone, and yet that is exactly what birth moms do when they choose adoption for their baby. Adoption is always a choice that is made out of love for a child.

Unlike a traditional adoption agency, A is 4 Adoption gets the special privilege of matching birth mothers with loving families. Not only does the child get the blessing of being placed with a family who already loves them, but the birth mom can also feel comfortable knowing that she has chosen the right family for her child, and you can bring a baby into your home. Call today to learn more about what we do.