The act of adopting a child is seen as a commitment of love, where the birthmother and adoptive parents have decided to work together in the best interests of the child. Being able to give your child up for adoption is a true act of love, and raising a new child to grow your existing family is a selfless endeavor. While the adoption process is rife with challenges and setbacks, it can be beneficial for creating an exciting new future for your family.

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Adopting a baby can be a challenge, and many new parents are quick to overreact to the feedback and attitudes of their new infant. Oftentimes, there is an overlying concern about whether or not the baby will accept these adults as their loved and trusted guardians. Today, we’ll look at a few tips that may prove useful in the all-essential bonding process. If you are needing additional information, be sure to get into touch with our adoption center today!

Be Patient

Raising a baby can be inherently stressful, so it is important as the parent to not overreact if your new miracle is being fussy, has issues eating, or is not adhering to a standard sleep schedule. This is common for most infants, and it’s important for adoptive parents to not take the new behavior personally. Your parenting abilities are not at fault here, as most situations simply require time to let the issues pass. If anything seems out of order, be sure to contact your chosen pediatrician for assistance. Inevitably, they will supply an answer for your baby’s behavior, and one that does not stem from your status as an adoptive parent!

Responsive Support

While some debate exists with the specifics of this approach, it is important to be there for your baby when he or she is crying. Adopted children are at a higher risk of suffering from feelings of inadequacy and not belonging, and setting the standard that you are a reliable source of support in his or her life will go a long way in developing a relationship based on trust. Often referred to as Attached Parenting, this method entails keeping your infant nearby as much as possible while promptly responding to their needs. Being in close contact with your baby in a sensitive, caring way will help to lay the groundwork for effective bonding.

Skin-to-Skin Contact

While your baby was not carried by you or your significant other while in utero, they will be in need of close contact and a deep connection to a loved one to lay the groundwork for a positive childhood. Research has worked to illuminate the extensive benefits of skin-to-skin contact, from improving the closeness between two individuals to breastfeeding techniques and more. Be sure to provide plenty of skin time for your infant, placing him or her on your chest during feedings, naps, or comfort sessions. This will help your new child to connect to you deeper, recognizing your scent and skin for future interactions. In time, your skin contact will become a source of comfort, delivering warmth and peace in a chaotic world.

Communicate Often

A baby’s brain is inherently designed to soak up and master their first language at an amazing speed. As such, it’s helpful to speak to your baby often throughout the day. While they may not understand the statements yet, the positive support supplied by your voice will become a positive association, helping to soothe and comfort your baby. Infants do not have great vision in the first stages of life and will rely heavily on their hearing for cues and information. Speaking to your adopted baby often will normalize your voice while promoting the development of a native language. Mothers, especially, can soothe their crying babies with the help of having a familiar, comforting voice.

There are many ways in which adoptive parents can bond with their new baby, with most approaches being both positive and welcome. Putting in efforts of love and support will no doubt help you in your quest for bonding with your adopted child. Next time, we’ll discuss a few more bonding tips to help set the stage for a lifetime of adventures for your expanded family. A is 4 Adoption is here to help you through every step of the adoption process. Unlike any standard adoption agency in California, our center aims to deliver personalized service to help birth mothers and adoptive parents alike find the best possible outcome for the child. Contact us today to learn more about our private adoption services!