When it comes to raising a child, the age of adoptive parents is an irrelevant factor. In the past, forty was a milestone set by adoption agencies that meant individuals and couples over that age could not adopt a child. With medical advancements and an increasing life expectancy rate, this age restriction often holds little weight. In fact, the average age of couples looking to adopt in the US is over this cutoff age. Being more advanced should not be considered a disadvantage. If anything, older adoptive parents can offer unique positives for their new child or children. People looking for an adoption agency in CA will not be disappointed when they utilize our amazing adoption center. Regardless of age, adoptive parents can be the best choice for raising an amazing, well-adjusted child.

Why Put Off Child Rearing?

dreamstime_xxl_2776377Now more than ever, adults are deciding to wait until their 40s to start a family. The reasons for doing so are varied and perfectly acceptable. These reasons may include:

  • Spending earlier years focusing on career. Having a rewarding career and ensuring that you have the financial stability to start a family are a couple of the main reasons why many people wait.
  • Starting a family after remarriage. In some instances, couples in their later years want to start their own nuclear family. This can occur with biological children in tow or as a whole new family dynamic.
  • Helping children in need once their biological kids are out of the house. Some people love to enrich children’s’ lives and aspire to do that after their own kids are out in the world as adults.
  • Waiting for more maturity and responsibility. A lot of couples in today’s society wait to make sure they are mentally and emotionally ready for a child. Jumping into a situation you’re not prepared for can have serious consequences and put a lot of strain on the relationship.
  • Infertility woes. The CDC states that 12.3% of women ages 15-44 suffer from fertility impairment. In this age group, 6.1% of those women are infertile. After trying for years to conceive a baby, many couples turn to adopting a child as the solution to their problems.

There are dozens of reasons why people may put adoption off until later in life. Regardless of the circumstances, many couples start the adoption process ready and excited to start a new chapter in their lives. Having a child can be a wonderful experience. Don’t let your age discourage you from sharing your love with a kid who needs a positive, encouraging environment.

Here at A is 4 Adoption, we work hard to make sure Birth Mothers are matched with the right adoptive parents so that all involved in the process are happy. Working in domestic adoptions, we avoid the typical adoption agency process by creating our own custom adoption plans to ensure the best for all parties involved. Next time, we’ll look at the benefits of waiting until you’re older to adopt a child. If you’re needing answers to any questions you have, don’t hesitate to contact us today!