The process of adopting a child can be both exciting and stressful. As a top adoption center, A is 4 Adoption works to provide personalized services to both the birthmother and adoptive parents in order to ensure the best possible environment for the child. Our hope is to alleviate the long lines on both sides that any adoption agency in California creates during the adoption process. We strive to unite loving families with special kids who deserve a great home. Today, we’ll continue our look into the process of baby-proofing the house to increase both safety and peace of mind. Adopting a baby can be a wonderful experience, but it does come with all of the standard responsibilities involved with parenting. Hopefully, our blog can help you to be as prepared as possible for when the big day arrives!


Drawer Locks


Once your child is able to stand, a whole new world of ninja skills opens up for them. Whereas cabinets were the destination of choice for crawlers, drawers in the kitchen are now obtainable and probably on path for investigation. Your drawers tend to hold a variety of items, but the dangers of sharp objects and choking hazards are enough to warrant intervention. An additional unwanted scenario would consist of the child being able to pull the drawer out entirely, creating more injury risks. Placing child locks on your drawers can do much to alleviate the concern of injury. There is a plethora of options you can choose for securing the drawer. We advise doing the research in order to find a product that can hold up under pressure.




Once standing is achieved, the desire that kids have for exploring can be hard to work with. Parents will discover that their child will strive to get into rooms that were previously inaccessible to them. Because of this, many childproofing companies provide securement devices to keep the door closed. Typically, a free floating doorknob cover will work to prevent small hands from turning the mechanism. Door locks can also be located near the top of the door in order to prevent children from accessing those no-no rooms. Placing a door security device can help to prevent young children from falling and choking hazards.


Furniture Security


A major cause of injury for tiny children stems from your furniture and stability. New walkers especially place a lot of pressure on your dressers, bookshelves, and so on. The television is also a prime source for danger. Making sure to secure your furniture from tipping is a major part of childproofing the home. TVs should also be secured or wall-mounted if possible. When dealing with heavy objects, the dangers of leaving them unsecured is not worth the risk!


When it comes to childproofing the home, new parents have thousands of areas and options for which to do so. Next time, we’ll conclude our quick list of safety measures that adoptive parents can take when adopting a baby. A is 4 Adoption works to be better than any adoption agency in California and beyond. Our team strives to provide adoptive parents and birth mothers help in order to create a loving, supportive environment for the child. If you’re interested in learning how to adopt a child, contact us now for more information!