Many experienced parents know that children have an innate desire to explore. Being able to investigate your area with sight, taste, smell, touch and sound is a new sensation that brings in a variety of novel experiences. However, this also means that kids are at a greater risk for injury in the home. Adopting a baby can be a wonderful experience, yet it does not come without the need for proper preparations. Every new parent should be up to speed on childproofing their home and the importance of doing so. Today, we’ll look at a few safety measures that are not thought of as often as the more common household hazards. Hopefully, our blog will help inspire you to create the safest environment possible for your little one.


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Garbage Mitigation


One aspect of the home that receives little attention during childproofing is the waste basket. Your garbage can is in a prime location for inspection by a curious mind. Beyond being unsanitary, this receptacle can also hold choking and injury hazards as well. We recommend securing your trash can or placing it in an elevated position for the time being. As long as your child cannot gain access, all should be good!


Tub Safety


Beyond restricting access to unsafe items, bathtubs are also places where injuries can occur. Young children love to move and explore, which is fully acceptable outside of the tub. Slip hazards are high here, requiring parents to be more aware of their child’s activities. One simple purchase that can make life less stressful consists of a bathmat. These anti-slip mats are ideal for keeping your kid away from slip dangers. Keeping the water level at a safe amount and regulating the temperature to prevent burning are both wise practices to keep your child as safe as possible during bath time.


Tag Labels


Essentially every item sold in our country comes with a tag that denotes the material composition and specific washing instructions. Younguns love to suck and chew on a variety of items, making the label itself a choking hazard. Tiny teeth will eventually chew through the tag, causing major concerns. It would be advised to check the labels of items that spend ample amounts of time with your child. If there are any choking concerns, you can simply cut the label off and save the worry. While this concern is not majorly common, it is still important to keep track of to minimize the risk for injury!


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