The act of adopting a child can prove to be an amazing experience for everyone involved. From the birth mother looking for the best solution to the adoptive parents ready to grow their loving family with the addition of a new child, this process helps to lay the groundwork for a lifetime of love and support. Keep in mind that every situation is different, and every individual will experience their own range of emotions. Those seeking an adoption agency in California to provide guidance and support can benefit from reaching out to A is 4 Adoption instead. Our top-notch adoption center focuses on cutting through the red tape to help parties on both sides find the best outcome.

As your trusted guides to adoption, we strive to facilitate the best matches between families, promoting a lifetime of love and support. If you are pregnant and considering adoption, we would love to speak with you! This brave act is often seen as thoughtful and selfless for mothers not ready for the joys and challenges of parenthood. One theme that is common across all adoption plans is the range of emotions experienced by new parents placing their child for adoption. Today, we’ll discuss a few emotions experienced by birth mothers throughout this process. If you’re looking for support placing your child for adoption, or are ready to adopt a baby, be sure to contact us today!

A World of Emotions

The adoption process is different for every individual, yet certain patterns will arise centering around a few key emotions. A is 4 Adoption strives to foster the most welcoming and encouraging services for everyone involved in this process, and our experience can help us to better comfort you during your time of need. We’ve seen the full range of feelings and emotions, and every reaction is normal.

Grief Over Loss

For many couples, learning of their pregnancy can be a joyous occasion. For others, this time might be marked by stress and anxiety. Individuals not planning for this moment will likely experience grief at the loss of their immediate plans and future endeavors. Regardless of age, birth mothers often have plans and goals that did not account for the addition of a newborn. You are nine months away from a newborn child, now what?

Over these months, some biological parents may decide on an open adoption plan to give their child the best chance of achieving a successful life while giving themselves a second chance to continue focusing on their lives. After this time spent together, birth mothers can normally experience feelings of shock, numbness, and denial once the birth happens and the adoptive parents take custody. Even if you were not expecting to feel any of these negative emotions, remember that they are all perfectly natural. Some parents may find themselves overjoyed, yet also harbor feelings of anger or resentment.


Feeling guilt for surrendering your newborn child is perfectly normal. Birth mothers who are well aware of the positives of their plan may feel intense and varying bouts of guilt. Even though everyone knows that this decision was made after months of consideration to ensure the best upbringing for their child, placing a child for adoption can still feel difficult. In many cases, parents feel guilt, as if they are saying no to this little miracle.


While modern adoption is much better compared to adoption processes of the past, societal values can still place a lot of pressure on pregnant mothers simply hoping to find the very best for their offspring. Close friends, acquaintances, and even family members may be the source for unwanted stress and shame during this period. Regardless of how people feel about your adoption decision, keep in mind that this is an amazing opportunity for both you and the child to bond and grow your family.

Birth mothers who decide to place their child for adoption will likely experience a wide range of negative emotions. This reaction is perfectly normal, and will often be discussed when you speak with your adoption expert. Next time, we’ll continue this topic by highlighting a few of the positive feelings associated with domestic infant adoption. A is 4 Adoption is here to be your source for uncompromising guidance and support every step of the way, utilizing our expertise to find the best outcome for everyone that places their trust in our services.

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