Adopting a child can be a momentous maneuver for all parties involved. The private adoption process can provide a means for giving a kid in need the love and guidance needed to fill their full potential. Last time, we looked at a well-known trio of adopted people who  helped to change and enhance the United States in their own unique ways. When adopting a baby, the new parents will need to be prepared to answer questions their child may someday ask. Some of these questions may come from a source of inferiority that kids can feel after peer scrutiny about their family’s structure. Being different can lead to complex feelings that are hard to interpret. When this does happen, being prepared with a compassionate and articulate response can make all the difference!

Our adoption center differs from the standard adoption agency in our state of California in that we offer the best approach for matching babies with loving families. Our open adoption process can help to guide all parties, whether you’re thinking about putting your child up for adoption or seeking a new child to grow your family. At A is 4 Adoption, we’ll do our best to make it happen. Giving youths the tools and encouragement needed to succeed is what we aim for!

Steve Jobs

A household name, Steve Jobs helped to revolutionize the tech industry with his Apple Corporation. Born from an unmarried couple, Steven was adopted at birth in San Francisco by Paul and Clara Jobs. Following a tumultuous couple years, the Jobs family settled into a more standard dynamic. Decades later, Steve would become irritated when people referred to his parents as “adoptive parents.” He would explain that they were his parents through and through. Although thankful for their role, Jobs would often measure his biological parents in a more utilitarian sense.

Jobs was not in tune with the standard education system. His young energy was spent fighting authorities and resisting classwork. Although he was described as difficult to work with, his insight and innovation made him an indispensable part of every job he attained before fabricating his first Apple computer. From his elementary education, Steve’s life began to pick up speed as a unique and endearing patchwork that embodies the American dream. If we were to blog about the full depth of Jobs’s career, we’d have an online novel!


Keegan-Michael Key

Although not nearly as revered as the Jobs name, Keegan-Michael Key has been steadily building his comedic brand since 1999. Born in 1971, Key was adopted by a married couple who both worked as social workers in Detroit. A biracial child, Key attributes his acting abilities to being able to take on different roles in order to better blend with differing groups. After receiving is Master of Fine Arts from Penn State, Key moved into acting for his comedic outlet. While casting for MADtv, he was pitted against Jordan Peele to compete for an open role. The two worked so well together that both were kept on for the show, which started a great partnership.

Since then, the comedy duo has been busy taking on multiple projects. From hosting their own show to acting and directing full films, these two men have cemented their place in the American media.

Being adopted should never been seen as a hindrance, and in many cases, should be seen as a blessing. If you’re looking for an adoption agency in California, our professional adoption center can help! Placing children with loving parents while providing birth mother help is what helps us thrive in the adoption world. Fostering a positive relationship between all parties while ensuring the best outcome for the child embodies what A is 4 Adoption stands for. Contact us today to see how we can change your life for the better!