The adoption process can be an intimidating endeavor for birth mothers and adoptive parents alike. Prospective parents looking for an adoption agency in the state of California will be pleasantly surprised by how our adoption center works. A is 4 Adoption offers birth mothers help and guidance for new parents in order to foster a positive relationship between all parties. When everyone benefits, the child will have a better chance to thrive.

Last time, we discussed the humble beginnings of a technology tycoon and the source of comedy for one adopted actor. Both individuals overcame their differences to make a major impact on the world. The moral of the story is that it doesn’t matter whether parents want to give birth to a beautiful child or are adopting a baby. Today, we’ll look at a few more famous individuals that you may not know were adopted!

Marilyn Monroe

This American icon was placed with foster parents shortly after her birth in 1926. While these parents provided a happy Christian lifestyle, Monroe’s birth-mother, Gladys, was able to visit and spend time with her on the weekends. Often, they would enjoy cinematic adventures and go see the wonders of Los Angeles. Eventually, her mom felt capable of taking her daughter back, so she bought a small house in Hollywood. However, mental illness led to Gladys being institutionalized and Marilyn becoming a ward of the state in the 1930s.

The next four years were fraught with peril. A young Monroe spent time with several different foster families, becoming increasingly withdrawn. Essentially, the constant shifting of caretakers led her to feel unwanted and worthless. Her mom’s friend had taken over for her sickly mother, moving Monroe to and fro to try and find a proper home. After a traumatic stint of staying with different family members, Marilyn found a better living situation with her new parent’s aunt. Health issues later contributed to Monroe’s departure from her stable home and back in with her mother’s friend. In order to tell her full story, we’ll need to write about six more blogs!

The inefficiency and lack of protection for a young girl in need during this time is a major lesson for adoption entities to take to heart. Being able to place an infant with a vetted, loving family is the goal of our domestic adoption process. Receiving proper clearances and checks, along with involved planning and childrearing, are the cornerstone of a positive adoption experience.


Ray Liotta

Another actor who came from humble beginnings, Raymond Allen Liotta was born in New Jersey and was adopted at the age of six months. Raised by an appointed township clerk and an auto-parts store owner who also served as the president of a Democratic club, Ray had a standard childhood for the time. Unlike many famous people in our series, Liotta knew he was adopted from a very early age. It’s stated that he did a presentation about his family situation when he was in kindergarten!

Although Ray was not too interested in his formal education, he eventually ended up at the University of Miami to pursue acting. His first role was in a play where he forgot all of his lines and bombed on stage. However, this small setback was not enough to keep the now famous star from starting an illustrious acting career.

Adopting a child can be a rewarding adventure that benefits all parties involved. There is a large amount of important figures in our society that underwent adoption. Whether you’re a birth mother looking for assistance or an adoptive parent looking to find a bundle of joy, we can help! A is 4 Adoption aims to bridge the gaps in the adoption process with an innovative approach that seeks to help others avoid the same events that they experienced. Providing support to both parties helps to ease the process and gives everyone a better, more efficient adoption experience. If you’re looking for a better answer than an adoption agency based in California, you’re in luck! Our adoption center can work to provide clients with all of the resources needed to adopt, without the hassle of the system standards. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

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