While the adoption process can seem like a daunting task, there is help! A is 4 Adoption offers premium private adoption services for prospective parents nationwide. We differ from any adoption agency in California in that our adoption center simply works to place children with adoptive parents to reduce the wait times for the two parties to be united. Our focus on personal attention is what sets us apart from the rest of today’s adoption providers.

The number of celebrities and famous figures throughout history who were adopted by family members or strangers is a larger amount than many people realize. The motivation behind these blog profiles is to show that adopting a child does not mean that the kid is different or disadvantaged. With the correct upbringing, every young person has the ability to reach their true potential. A is 4 Adoption works to assist in this beautiful process!

Michael Oher

Many people know the story of this talented NFL lineman after the movie based on Oher’s life, called “The Blind Side.” Born into a home that consisted of twelve children and little parental structure, Michael struggled to learn and keep up with his classmates. It has been said that Oher attended eleven schools throughout his first nine years in the public school system. At age seven, he was taken and placed into the foster care system. What followed was years of drifting in and out of foster homes, sometimes even being homeless.

Unlike most of our profiled citizens, Oher was actually taken in and cared for as a teen. The Tuohy family, who had two biological children of their own, took Michael in and immediately set to helping him with his school attendance and grades. What followed was an intensive process of tutoring and taking online classes through BYU to raise a tragically low GPA. The move worked, and Oher was able to go to his top college choice to play football. Today, he plays professional football for the Carolina Panthers.


Sonny Moore

Better known by his stage name Skrillex, Moore lived the life of a privileged child. At nine years old, his parents moved to the Mojave Desert and enrolled Sonny in boarding school. The move was short-lived, however, as the family soon moved back to Los Angeles. Upon arriving back in their old stomping grounds, Moore’s parents enrolled him in a private academy to foster his interest in music. However, the social setting there was a poor fit, leading to the implementation of homeschooling.

It wasn’t until age 16 that Sonny learned about the identity of his parents. They revealed to him that he was adopted and that they were, in fact, friends of his birth mother. The fallout from this news is the subject of debate, but Moore has stated that he ran away, soon after joining his first band and flying to Georgia. From there, his musical career began to gain traction. Today, he is a household name for name for electronic dance music and dubstep fans around the globe.

While the end result seems very positive, it is important to note that waiting too long to explain the adoption process to your child can have negative consequences. In this case, Sonny ran away from home and still does not converse with his birth mother.

Adopting a child can be a great gift for the birth mother, adoptive parents, and children themselves. A is 4 Adoption works to ease the adoption process for all parties and strives to pay close attention to everyone’s wants and needs. As a team, everyone can work together for the good of the child. No matter the source of their upbringing, every kid has the potential to achieve something great, whether it be through professional football or by pioneering a music genre. If you’re interested in more information on adopting a baby, make sure to contact us today!