Prospective parents considering adopting a baby are going to receive a vast array of advice from friends and family members. While much of this advice can be heeded for a positive outcome, it is not always wise to take council from every aunt and uncle that offers their suggestions. However, one piece that parents looking to adopt need to consider is the process of explaining adoption to their child. This can be a tough conversation, often leading to feelings of inadequacy when compared to “normal” children. A is 4 Adoption works with families to discourage this! As a strong alternative to an adoption agency in California, our adoption center works to pair the best parents with the right baby, every time.

It is imperative for new parents to be able to explain to their adopted child that many of the world’s most influential people have come from similar backgrounds. Coming from different biological parents is not a negative attribute. From U.S. presidents to world-famous DJs, the possibilities for these kids are endless!

Darryl McDaniels

Better known by his artist name DMC, Daniels was born to an unwed mother in 1964. He was given to the New York Foundling home, which is one of the city’s oldest and largest child welfare programs. As a young teen, Darryl became interested in hip-hop after listening to Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five. Starting with a turntable given to him by his brother, McDaniels started to DJ and produce music. As he grew older, along with acquiring two powerful allies that encouraged his rapping abilities, Darryl became more interested in rapping and churning out powerful ballads. As a combined group, Run-D.M.C. went on to set new groundbreaking accomplishments in the hip hop world. From possessing the first gold album (1984) to achieving the first platinum album (1985), Run-D.M.C set the bar for future hip hop groups to aspire to.

Ironically, DMC did not find out he was adopted until he was 35. A conversation with his mother sparked this new discovery, where DMC was simply asking about some background info for the autobiography that he was working on. He quickly began to search for information on his birth mother. However, he quickly ran into confidentiality road bumps, where his personal records were not available for his own eyes. DMC became an advocate for change regarding how closed adoptions worked in the country. He works today to guide adopted and foster care children, educated and inspiring them to make the most out of their situations.


Leo Tolstoy

You could say we are changing gears a bit, from well-known American celebrities to one of the greatest novelists in history. Count Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy was born in 1828 to a wealthy aristocratic family. Two years later, his mother passed away. Seven years after that, so did his father. A young Leo was then raised by his grandmother, who also perished shortly after, then an aunt who died a time after that. In the end, his upbringing could be credited to numerous family members.

After a tumultuous upbringing in a lavish setting, including partying and incurring heavy gambling debts. He soon after joined the military with brother. Military life, along with a traumatic visit to Paris, led Leo to adopt a new lifestyle of non-violence and spiritual freedom. He returned home with a focus on education and the welfare of his subjects. As a true anti-government advocate, Tolstoy heralded attention from many different sources. A young Gandhi himself wrote Leo, asking for advice in his own endeavors. As a novelist, Tolstoy is known for a number of famous literary pieces, including the much acclaimed War and Peace.

From a game-changing rapper to a society-changing aristocrat, the opportunities that adopted children have can be endless! Adopting a baby can be a highly rewarding endeavor. We’re not stating that your kid has to be the next Tolstoy (an unrealistic expectation and way too much pressure for a child!), but that they can be whatever they want to be. If you’re considering adopting a child, we can help! As a proud alternative to adoption agencies in California, we offer premium services to help all parties involved in the adoption process. Contact us today to speak to a knowledgeable representative about how to adopt!