Many couples and individuals across the United States are in the midst of the standard adoption process, which can be as frustrating as it is extensive. Often, there is a large volume of prospective parents as well as moms giving their child up for adoption. Here at A is 4 Adoption, we try to cut through much of the red tape that plagues the open adoption method. People looking for an adoption agency in California will be excited to see how our adoption center works. We offer comprehensive birth mother help in order to assist all parties in the success of their major life changes. Last week, we dove into the factors and tips to consider when adopting a baby and introducing that new miracle to your existing children. There are many dynamics at work here, and taking the right path isn’t always so easy. Be prepared for new challenges and more love!

Be Inclusive

Children are often seen as emotional creatures. When the adopted sibling arrives, kids are hyper aware of any changes to the family dynamic. Often, feelings of jealousy and anger can result from this sharing of the spotlight. Experience has told us that involving your biological children in errands and routines for the new child can be therapeutic. From shopping for clothing to preparing for a trip to the park, your kids can be handy little helpers, which while not the most beneficial for your schedule, can be a fun experience. Doing errands and activities with your kids shows them that they are not forgotten and are very valuable members in your family.

Inclusivity can be stretched to also include avoiding favoritism. While we know that human nature contradicts this rule, we recommend that you avert preferential treatment as much as possible. Giving your adopted child too much attention can make them feel uncomfortable in this new setting while also making their adoptive siblings jealous. Counteracting this with more love for the biological offspring will, in turn, push the new addition away. When addressing your kids, make sure to be consistent for all of them in terms of punishment or praise. Equality should be encouraged in all settings at all times. If your adopted child feels equally accepted in their new family, expect them to shine!

Discuss Differences

When adopting a child, the topic of appearances may be addressed quickly by your own children. Physical traits are one of the first tools kids learn to use in order to classify and organize everything in the world. Make sure to discuss physical differences with your biological children in a clear, positive manner. Emphasize that all people are different and that your appearance doesn’t decide who your family is. Promoting an open acceptance for all people is a beneficial practice for your adopted child and your family.

Combining your own kids with an adopted child can seem like a daunting task. The keys to success are compassion, patience, and love. When all else fails, these components will prevail. In order to avoid issues, a roadmap of tasks and ideas should be crafted as well. For parents looking to adopt, our adoption center is a major improvement over any adoption agency in California. Next week, we’ll finish the last of tips to help your integration process. If you’re interested in our adoption process, don’t hesitate to contact us today!