Telling Your Child They're AdoptedWe’ve been discussing infertility this month, particularly how to cope with infertility and how a positive outlook could change your life. If you have been struggling with infertility for a while now, and feel you are on the bright side and ready to start a family, A Is 4 Adoption is ready to help. We take special care of our birth mothers and our adoptive parents, making us unique among other adoption agencies in California. However, it is essential to the success and happiness of your family that both you and your spouse are fully healed from the wounds that infertility can inflict. While this healing process will look differently for every person, these are some of the signs that you are ready to start the adoption process.

You have allowed yourself time to grieve.

Grieving is an essential part of any healing process after loss. This can be a struggle in a world that sometimes fails to acknowledge that infertility is an actual loss. However, you have lost a certain dream you had of having biological children, and it is important not to feel weak because you have these feelings. You must take the time to acknowledge and feel these emotions, whether they be anger, hurt, sadness, or emptiness, and you must give your spouse the ability to grieve in their own way as well.

Only after you have gone through this process can you acknowledge and accept your inability to have biological children, and be ready to accept other children in your life.

You understand that adoption will be different from biological motherhood.

With adoption, even when you adopt a baby, you will still be missing out on some of the notable aspects of “motherhood.” Understanding you may never be asked “When are you due?” or be able to show off your own sonogram is important so you can be open to the other, genuinely beautiful aspects of adoptive motherhood.

adoption agency CAYou feel excited and hopeful about adoption.

These beautiful aspects of adoptive motherhood include getting your acceptance call from a birth mother who has chosen you, getting to hold your child for the first time, bonding with your child’s birth parents, learning the sex of your child, and so much more. When you feel hopeful and excited, when you start to look forward to adoption, it is a good sign you are moving out from under the cloud of infertility.

You are ready to meet your new child.

If both you and your partner can hardly contain your excitement when you think about meeting a child who you will be welcoming into your home, it is almost a surefire sign that you are ready to start the adoption process.

If you still have hesitations, if you are still pining for your loss of biological children, or if you aren’t sure if adoption is right for you, call us today. We’ll be able to put you into contact with people who can help you sort out your feelings and put you on the path to healing.

Infertility is a trying experience for both people in a relationship, but the good news is that it generally makes couples stronger, resilient, and beautifully loving. There is sunshine at the end of the storm, and if you can feel it, if you and your partner feel you are ready to adopt, we would be proud to work with you.

Contact us today to get started.