Waiting for a call from an adoption agency in CA can be a waiting game. You want the call, but you don’t know when it’s coming. It could be tomorrow and it could be a year from now; it all depends on when your agency or center matches you with a birthmother and baby. So how much do you prepare for baby when you don’t even know when baby is coming?

dreamstime_xxl_61416545How Soon Should You Prepare?

There are a couple schools of thought on this question. The first is that it’s never too soon to prepare. If you want to have your nursery set up and ready to go when you do your home study, then go for it. For some couples, having the nursery ready gives them some peace of mind, and it could be a comfort to feel that you are ready for baby whenever he or she arrives. They may also want to include photos in their family profile to show to the birthmother. It can be a fun way to show your personality and how ready you are to have a little one to love. Some couple may also wish to have an “adoption shower” to celebrate the arrival of their baby, and prepare their nursery with the gifts that they receive.

For other couples, though, having a daily reminder that they don’t yet have the baby they’ve been dreaming about can be difficult. If you don’t want to set up your nursery early, you are under no obligation to do so. After all, chances are you’ll have some forewarning about baby’s arrival, so you should have time to do some last-minute preparation. If preparing a nursery makes you feel upset or uncomfortable, don’t push yourself into doing it yet. You might find that a month down the road you are ready to decorate!

Prepare As Much and As Soon As You Are Comfortable

Whether you choose to prepare a nursery before you call a California adoption agency or choose to wait until you know baby is on the way, the choice is strictly up to you. Do what you and your partner feel comfortable doing. The most important part is preparing your hearts and minds for the arrival of your baby; the rest can be purchased when a quick stop at the store and friend and family will be eager to help!

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