The internet is littered with birth announcements and gender reveals, all beautifully representing a new addition to the family. However, when you are adopting, it can be difficult to find fun, unique ways to announce the adoption. At our adoption center in California, we believe that adopting a child is just as exciting as having your own, and announcing the new addition to your family should be just as fun! Our approach to adoption and support for both adoptive parents and birth parents has allowed us to provide services that outdo other adoption agencies in the area, so if you need more help deciding how to announce your new child, then contact us today!

Fun Adoption Announcements – Before Birth

1 – Hand Hearts

You’ve seen the beautiful pictures of mother and father making a hand heart over mom’s pregnant belly. Making the same symbol over a globe can be a unique adjustment to this classic announcement, and can apply to both domestic and international adoptions. This kind of announcement is perfect for when you have been paired with a birth mother and her baby, but the baby has yet to be born.

2 – “Waiting for You”

A family portrait taken with you and your spouse, your pets, and any other children with a sign that says “Waiting for You” is a beautiful way to announce your adoption to others. This portrait is also a great picture to send to the birth mother, and offers a chance for a keepsake for your new baby.

3 – Empty Shoes

This is another take on a classic pregnancy announcement, taking a photo with you and your spouse’s shoes, standing next to a pair of empty children’s shoes. Adding a phrase such as “Love makes us family” is a unique and beautiful touch. If you aren’t sure the gender or age of your child, then have a series of empty shoes lined up with a phrase saying “Whichever one fits.”

4 – Ultrasound Picture

If you have been paired with a child and birth mother, think of taking a classic ultrasound photo and photoshopping a picture of the state of California over it, with a heart where your child currently is with his or her birth mother.

5 – “Only Child Until…”

If you know the due date of your new baby and have one child already, think about having a photo shoot with your first child holding a sign saying “Only Child Until [Due Date].” This is a fun way to get your child involved in the process and to start getting excited about his or her new sibling.

6 – Have a Party

Having a celebration, like a gender reveal (but an “adoption reveal”), is a fun way for your family and friends to get used to the idea of adoption. Have cupcakes saying “We are adopting!” and take a shot with the dessert for your announcement.

The key is to have fun with your announcement and to show off your personality. If you and your spouse have a favorite team or color, incorporate that into the design.

If you have completed the adoption process and have brought your new baby home, then stay tuned for some exciting post-birth adoption announcements!