If you are considering adoption as a way to grow your family, then you need to make sure that you learn as much about the process as possible. As a part of the LGBTQ community, there are adoption facts that apply specifically to you, and we’ve compiled them for your convenience. A is 4 Adoption provides the personal services that you need when pursuing an adoption in California. Instead of working with an adoption agency which must follow certain regulations, be sure to contact us and learn how you can benefit from a private adoption.

1. Joint same-sex adoption is legal in every state in the U.S.

As of 2016, LGBTQ adoption was made legal in all 50 states in the country. Part of the change came from a ruling in the Supreme Court, which made same-sex marriage legal. States that had previously used marital requirements as a means to prevent adoption by an LGBTQ family could no longer deny same-sex couples the right to adopt a child.

2. LGBTQ couples are four times more likely than heterosexual couples to have an adopted child.

According to a survey in 2013, approximately 13 percent of LGBTQ families had an adopted child, in comparison to just three percent of heterosexual couples. In part, this statistic speaks to the difficulty same-sex couples have in conceiving a biological child, but it also shows that LGBTQ couples are more likely to consider adoption instead of assisted reproductive technologies.


3. Less than one-fifth of adoption agencies attempt to recruit LGBTQ adoptive parents.

While there are many LGBTQ families who want to adopt a child, there are not many adoption agencies that reach out to them. A is 4 Adoption observed this situation and made the decision to be the solution for all families who want to adopt a child. Through our private adoption process, we offer the personalized services that the birth mother, the child, and the adoptive parents need so that there is a positive outcome for all involved.

4. Adopted children of LGBTQ couples are generally more accepting of others.

Whether children are adopted or biologically related to one of their same-sex parents, the statistics show that because they are raised in a home that is more accepting of differences, they are more likely to internalize these values. From being more open to communicating about their feelings to showing empathy for those who are different, children raised in same-sex homes display tolerant values likely modeled by their parents.

5. Same-sex adoption is just as beneficial as adoption by heterosexual couples.

One of the consistent inaccuracies that continues to be perpetuated is that children who grow up in an LGBTQ home will be at a disadvantage when compared with children raised in a heterosexual home. Research has shown time and again that there are no negative effects observed in children who are raised by same-sex parents.

6. The state with the largest number of LGBTQ adoptions is California.

Probably due in part to its size, it is still an impressive fact that California is the state with the largest number of LGBTQ adoptions. In fact, an estimated 65,500 adopted children were living with LGBTQ parents across the country, with 16,000 of those residing in California. Due to the sheer number of parents looking to adopt in California, and the number of children who need to be adopted, A is 4 Adoption is proud to provide the personalized adoption services that you need.

7. LGBTQ parents are important in helping to find homes for foster children.

Same-sex couples are more likely to raise foster children than heterosexual couples, with LGBTQ parents raising approximately three percent of all of the foster children in the U.S. Currently, LGBTQ families that support foster children contribute between $87 and $130 million in child care annually. Many of these foster parents go on to adopt the children currently in their care.

At A is 4 Adoption, we have personally witnessed how adoption has positively changed the lives of everyone involved. We are proud to offer the private adoption services that benefit the birth mother, child, and adoptive parents. We are also proud to support LGBTQ adoptions. Contact us today to learn about our services and begin your journey to adoption.