Couples and single adults considering domestic adoption will be glad to hear that our adoption center strives to deliver the most optimal results for all parties involved, especially the child. A is 4 Adoption is not a standard adoption agency, but our California organization is able to match birth mothers with adoptive parents in order to create a system of respect and nurturement. Live outside of California? Great! Adopting a child does not mean that you are restricted by geographic constrictions. A is 4 Adoption’s open adoption process is available for most states. Our last two blogs have hinted at the involved complexity of adopting between states and the unique laws that each state holds. Today, we’ll cover father rights and the effects that states can have on them.


Presumed Fathers


Men who are married during the birth of their infant have a sizable amount of rights when giving their child up for adoption. From a legal standpoint, men who are married and have a child are “presumed” to be the father by any legal standings. Generally, these fathers have the same legal rights as the child’s mother. If the presumed father wants to consider adoption, he must sign a waiver that waives his responsibilities as the father.


If, for whatever reason, the presumed father cannot be contacted to sign the waiver for adoption, public notice must be given to show ample efforts to reach the father. Unless this happens, the father is entitled to care of the child, with or without the birth mother.


Alleged Fathers


Guys who were not married during the birth of their child essentially have no say over the child and few rights when trying to gain possession of the child. Fathers of children in the adoption process who are not married to the birth mother are labeled as putative fathers. The rights that putative fathers hold in each state varies widely. For the most part, though, fathers who have no official connection to the child are at the mercy of the system. A number of states have a putative father registry, which is a filing that gives unmarried fathers some rights for the welfare of their children. A major part of the registry involves the father’s notification of any legal proceedings done on the child’s behalf. While this can be very helpful for keeping the alleged father in the loop, there is little recourse for that father in most matters concerning the child.


The adoption process can be very murky when it comes to the biological father. Each state holds its own rules for putative fathers and adoption rights. Because of this, many people learning how to adopt a child become frustrated with the small differences and large inconsistencies. A is 4 Adoption offers expert assistance at all phases to help to promote a seamless transition for all parties involved. Our company offers birth mothers help and ample resources for adoptive parents in order to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship. Utilizing a top-notch adoption center can be a much better option than independent adoptions or an adoption agency for California residents. Contact us today to see how our professionals can give you peace of mind and the miracle that is parenthood!