When adults decide to look for an adoption agency in California, they’re often coming in with a set idea of how the adoption process works. Many of these citizens are then impressed by how our organization works. A is 4 Adoption is an adoption center that specializes in private adoption methods that work to ensure the best possible outcome for all parties. Our employees strive to provide comprehensive birth mother help, along with extensive resources for the adoptive parents. We specialize in open adoption, which offers a number of benefits to all involved in the complicated adoption process. This approach is a proven method that promotes success when adopting a child!


What Is Open Adoption?


This form of adoption is unique in that it allows lines of communication between the biological and adoptive families. While the degree of closeness varies, it is often disclosed that both parties have identifying information about each other and that regular conversations happen in the form of updates about the child.


Who Does It Benefit?



Everyone involved in the adoption process can secure great benefits from the open adoption style. Open communication fosters feelings of understanding and reduces the isolation and anxiety that is often involved in the adoption process.


  • Birthparents. To many birth mothers, the anxiety of putting your child up for adoption can be a lot to handle. Open adoption’s involvement of all parties equates to biological mothers being able have input and receive updates for their children. While grief is a common emotion experienced by new mothers, the openness with the adoptive family can help to properly ease and eliminate much of the guilt.
  • Adoptive Parents. Many adults who adopt experience insecurities based on the fact that they are not genetically responsible for the child. As what happens with most adoptive families, at some point the child will ask about being different. Being able to converse with the biological parents is useful in mitigating these concerns. An additional benefit is the ability to communicate with the genetic source of the child, which is useful for determining medical needs. From the beginning, communicating with the parents is essential for fostering a positive environment for the offspring, where both parties are in it together as a team to benefit the child.
  • Adopted children. The psychology behind being adopted can be hard for many children to cope with initially. In an open adoption, open communication lines help to normalize the “extended family” aspect of a kid’s childhood. Being able to communicate with both sets of parents can be beneficial in promoting a positive self-image for the adoptee. Additionally, having the answer to “where did I come from?” is more easily handled when both sets of parents are communicating and updating each other on pertinent information.


Sharing The Memories


For many birth mothers, knowing that their child is being raised in a loving household helps to ease any feelings of grief or guilt. Today’s modern gadgets also help biological and adoptive parents to communicate more seamlessly than ever before. Based on how your adoption style evolves, you will be able to update the birth mother with photos, videos, and more! As the birth mother, it is now easier than ever to see your child grow and thrive in a loving, supportive environment. All of this works in concert to promote a happy childhood for the kid at the center, which is why A is 4 Adoption does this!


The open adoption process is now the standard for how to adopt a child. Closed adoptions were centered around zero contact between the parents and did not do so for the good of the child. Today’s technology also helps to make communication process much more integrated and stress-free. The adoption agencies in the California area fail to provide the level of comfort and detail that we supply for each and every family. Contact us today to see why our process is so successful!