adoption books for kidsWe understand all too well how hard it can be to answer a child’s question about the world. Many times we find ourselves glossing over the real facts in order to give children an answer that will appease them without making us uncomfortable. However, when your children (either by adoption or birth), ask you a question about adoption, answering them with all of the facts in a way they can understand will be your best tool in opening the door to positive emotions and quality conversation. The good news is, you have endless resources at your fingertips at A Is 4 Adoption, and this list of children’s books about adoption can help make the topic the positive, beautiful subject it is.

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Books About Adoption for Children

For Adopted Children

Books and age-appropriate stories are one of the best ways to open the discussion with your adopted children about their adoption. By engaging them young, helping them to understand that you chose them, wanted them, and love them, you can better help them through emotionally trying times later.

Adoption Is for Always” – For children up to age eight or nine, this book tells the story about a child who is struggling with the emotions that so many adopted children go through, and has a response by the parents that is loving, understanding, and validating.

Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born” – A beautiful and touching tale of a child who understands and loves the story of her adoption, this remarkable book co-written by Jamie Lee Curtis offers a refreshing, sweet look at adoption through the eyes of a child.

I Wished for You: An Adoption Story” – This is a story of a little adopted bear who asks his mom many of the questions that plague the minds of adopted children, all answered clearly and lovingly by his mama bear.

For Siblings

Introducing a new child into a family can create resentment with children you already have, particularly with adoption. They may feel they weren’t enough for you or worry about you loving this new child more than them. By adequately preparing your children for the day you bring your new baby home, you can take the first step in creating a welcoming, loving environment for all of your children.

We Belong Together” – This story is perfect for kids up to age six, and discusses the practical and emotional aspects of adoption in an extremely accessible way. This is a great family story for both siblings trying to understand adoption and children who are adopted.

A Sister for Matthew” – This book is great for children up to age five or six, and while it’s main theme is being a family even though we don’t look alike, particularly for international adoptions, it is a good story for any type of adoption.

Emma’s Yucky Brother” – This funny, warm book for children up to age eight explores the idea that your adopted sibling may not be exactly what you imagined, but they are the perfect piece to complete your family.

I’m a Big Sister” and “I’m a Big Brother” – Both of these books are great for children up to age seven, and while they are not adoption-specific, they each address the concerns older siblings may feel when a new baby is in the home.