The adoption process can be filled with worries and uncertainties. Prospective parents face the constant waiting and stress associated with almost any adoption agency in California. A is 4 Adoption was created to simplify the domestic adoption process in order to get more children in need into the loving arms of more waiting parents. Our dedication to providing optimal adoptive parent and birth mother help helps to make us a top choice. Today, we’ll build on these efforts by looking at a few statements that many birth mothers want their child’s new parents to know. Hopefully, this blog can help to illuminate the wants and needs of both parties when trying to find the best possible outcome for the child. A is 4 Adoption makes the open adoption process as efficient and stress-free as possible!

  • The phrase “our child” means everything. Birth mothers often experience a wide range of emotions when they give a child up for adoption. One common cause of sadness comes from the close link between a mother and her child. If you as the adoptive parents refer to your bundle of joy as our child, it can mean a great deal to the birth mother. Giving a child up for adoption is a selfless act of love for the child, and that love is recognized when the birth mother is included.
  • Photos are highly valued. Many times, adoptive parents worry about sending too many photographic updates to birth mother. Our adoption center has recognized that the mother rarely feels negatively about the high volume of photos, so do not feel terrible about sending so many. Many young mothers have mentioned that a simple photograph signifies that the adoptive parents were thinking of them, which can be just as valuable as the picture itself.
  • Drawings can be equally valuable. While the adoptive parents’ fridge may be stocked full of amateur art from their young miracle, chances are that the birth mother does not own such a comprehensive collection. Sending art and school projects to the mom can be very meaningful and make a world of difference. Discuss this idea with everyone involved to ensure that this will be a positive procedure!
  • Gifts are beneficial for all parties. While numerous birth mothers are uncomfortable with purchasing a present for their child, others take great joy in doing so. Even if the mother is not an active part of the child’s life, being able to spoil them to a degree can mean the world. Being able to share in your joy helps everyone involved to feel good and to promote positive relationships.
  • Be patient with birth parent concerns. The process of adopting a baby means that the mother will not be a major contributor in the child’s life. However, this does not mean the birth mother doesn’t have her worries about the best interest of the child. If the mother checks in regularly to see how the family is doing, it’s only out of love for the baby. Be sure to exercise patience during this process to keep everyone involved happy communicative.

Taking the birth mother’s thoughts and feelings into consideration can be beneficial for helping both parties to bond and work together to ensure that the best outcome for the child is upheld. A is 4 Adoption is here to help every step of the way, from strong advocacy for prospective parents to comprehensive birth mother help to support someone in need during a tough time in their life. Next time, we’ll continue this subject by explaining more common statements that the birth mother wants you to know. If you are pregnant and considering putting your child up for adoption or you are looking to adopt a child, feel free to contact us anytime to learn more about our quality program!