For many prospective parents, the adoption process can be a time of frustration and impatience. As adoptive parents ourselves, we understand the pain surrounding the wait period. While this time can be fraught with stress and paranoia, we believe that it is important to not only make this waiting a positive experience, we strive for it to be as productive as possible for the good of the child. A is 4 Adoption is not considered an adoption agency in our state of California, but as an adoption center, we strive to help families on both sides with our open adoption process. Our company also works to reduce the number of prospective parents looking for a bundle of joy while also reducing the number of young children who are in need of a loving home. If you’re considering adopting a child, we can definitely help!


Last time, we looked at a few ideas when waiting for adoption to occur. With any luck, you’ll be more prepared and more excited when the day comes to formalize your new family!


Prepare All Parties


When learning how to adopt a child, many people are faced with difficulties often presented by older relatives. Forming strong relationships is an important part of the attachment process for adopted children. Be sure to educate new grandparents, aunts, and uncles on the adoption process and how they can help. Additionally, both parents need to be on board fully with their roles in the new child’s life. Traditionally, one-half of a couple tends to take charge, fulfilling paperwork and phone calls while also preparing for all aspects of a new change in life. The significant other, meanwhile, follows their loved one’s lead and stays away from the details. When it comes to adopting a baby, we recommend getting all parties fully informed of their duties and expectations. It may be awkward, we know, but the benefit of the child is our top priority!


Become a Safety Guru


Having time to prepare for a new life can be the perfect opportunity to learn new techniques and methods of childrearing that can be much safer than other methods. One major fear that parents hold is the safety of their child against choking hazards. We fully recommend taking a CPR course that is designed for infants and young children. Additionally, the cords on blinds can create hazards on each of your windows. Replacing the standard string with a safer variation can help to reduce any hazards. Reading up on common dangers around the house can be beneficial as well.


Prepare the New Room


Perhaps one of the most exciting activities you can undertake is decorating the room of your new child. Our domestic adoption practices places adoptive parents with birth mothers for optimal relationship dynamics. You’ll be able to decorate the room in any way you see fit to both raise and assimilate your new bundle of joy into the home. If you already have children, this can be a good time ask them for help in order to make them feel like an involved part of the process. Not only will preparing the baby’s room be a therapeutic use of time while waiting for adoption, it can help to make you that much more prepared when your child comes home!


The waiting game can be a stressful time for all parties involved in the adoption process. Our suggestions are few in number. People can certainly come with dozens more of helpful tips to ease your waiting strain. A is 4 Adoption also helps! Our open adoption procedure places prospective parents in contact with birth mothers to promote a positive environment for the child to thrive in. Unlike the normal adoption agency, our CA-based adoption center simply works to pair the two parties in order to shorten the wait times and offer supportive resources. Contact us today to see how we can help you!