When birthmothers approach an adoption agency in CA about giving up their parental rights, one of the biggest concerns that they have is the fact that they won’t know what kind of family the baby will have. Actually, with many adoption agencies, birthmothers can actually contribute a great deal when it comes to finding the right family for the baby. Birthmothers can make a variety of requests about the family to help ensure they are completely comfortable with the adoptive family.

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What kind of family?

Maybe you’d like the child to have lots of siblings or be in a family that loves animals as much as you do.

What kind of parenting philosophy?

Maybe you are anti-spanking or want them to be raised in a home that was like or unlike your own.

What kind of educational values?

Maybe you want a strong emphasis to be placed on education or want the adoptive parents to be highly educated.

What religious preference do you have?

Maybe you are Catholic, Jewish, or have another religious affiliation and wish for the adoptive parents to share those beliefs.

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Our team is passionate about helping birthmothers and adoptive families connect. We give each one of our clients our full attention so we can make a match that works best for all of the parties involved. We want everyone to be thrilled with the results of the adoption and know that they’ve done the right thing. If you are pregnant and unable to care for the baby, click on the button below to learn more about our birthmother support programs and how we can help you find the right, loving, and supportive family for the baby.

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