When adopting a child from the birth parents, there are many unknowns. Some of these can contribute to fears the adoptive parents may have throughout the life of their adoptive child. Having a closed adoption allays none of these fears, because there can be little to no information that will help reduce the fear or give the adoptive parents information on how to handle medical issues or mental health. Here are three benefits to having an open adoption that will directly affect the adoptive parents.

  1. As the adoptive parents, you can stay informed about your child’s medical history and what they may be at risk for. This also goes for mental health and you can know if there are any issues to be aware of. With an open adoption, you can learn more about the birth family over time, not only at the time of the adoption process.
  2. As adoptive parents, you will have questions from your child about who they are and where they came from. Open adoption offer your child to learn first hand or for the family to share with you information that the child might be asking, instead of answering with a vague “You came from heaven.” While this is a very sweet answer, you can help your adopted child establish their identity early on with an open adoption.
  3. Having an open adoption can allow there to be an extension of the family unit. This is different for every adoption process and the dynamics of both the birth family and the adoptive family, but relationships can be cultivated in a way that offers more support to the whole family.