A is 4 Adoption is proud to be a family-owned and operated adoption center in CA. We realize that the adoption process is complicated, and therefore, can be confusing. One aspect that is confusing for many people going through the adoption process for the first time is the difference between an adoption center and an adoption agency. Here, we will explain the difference, and why we believe our adoption center is the best choice for you and your future child.

Adoption Agency

Adoption agencies are entities that are authorized under state law to perform all the steps of adoption, and are the more traditional route to adoption. However, working with an adoption agency in CA often gives you much less freedom over the adoption process than an adoption center or facilitator. For example, sometimes, an agency will choose adoptive parents for a child even if the birth mother does not approve. In general, adoption agencies put adoptive parents under much greater restrictions than an adoption center would, and may refuse prospective parents based on such factors as age, marital status, and sexual orientation. The adoption process is generally much longer through an adoption agency because they have many more requirements, and have wait lists a mile long. You can wait on an adoption agency’s wait list for years before even having a birth mother look at your profile.

Adoption Center

In contrast, adoption centers are adoption facilitators. That means that they work to match birth mothers with prospective adoptive families. Adoption centers face fewer regulations than adoption agencies. One advantage we have over many adoption agencies is we offer our clients greater control over the adoption process. Because we individually match birth mothers and adoptive parents, we are able to find a match that meets exactly what you are looking for. For example, if you specifically would like to adopt a baby boy, we can put out a national search for the right fit. We have connections all over the country to help you find your child. That is why we also generally have shorter wait times than those who work through an adoption agency. While adoption can take months of inaction through an agency, A is 4 Adoption will work tirelessly to find you a match in a timely manner. We will also help you every step of the way, and help you connect with the right agency or directly with a birth mother for an independent adoption. Working with our adoption center in CA allows you greater flexibility, access to our expertise on adoption, and an intimate experience during which you know you are getting our full attention.

At A is 4 Adoption, we understand that many people may hesitate to work with an adoption facilitator instead of an adoption agency because we do not have the strict state regulations of an adoption agency. However, we are a bonded California adoption facilitator, and we strictly adhere to the rules of California’s adoption laws. Our adoption center in CA is dedicated to making great matches between birth mothers and adoptive parents because we personally have been through the adoption process and know how difficult it can be to jump through the hoops that adoption agencies offer.

When you are looking for an adoption agency in CA, A is 4 Adoption can help you find your child through a more flexible and personal process. Contact us today for more information on our adoption center in CA.