When it comes to finding a match through open adoption, agencies play an important role. In fact, they could be the game-changer. A good adoption center in CA not only brings together waiting adoptive parents and birth parents. It can guide them through every step of the process. Finding the right agency is almost as as big a challenge as finding the right match. For waiting adoptive parents, here are some things you’ll need to consider:

  • Fees
  • Wait times
  • Record of success
  • Number of clients
  • Range of services
  • Geographic reach
  • Education and counseling

No matter whether you’re a prospective adoptive parent or birthparents, choosing the right agencies usually boils down to asking a few key questions.

  • What’s your philosophy? Open adoption means different things to different agencies. What does it mean to the one you’re considering? What’s their approach, and do their actions match their words? Always look for an agency where the child’s interests — rather than the parents — come first.
  • Do I feel comfortable with them? Adoption is anything but simple. Because of that, and the fact that you’ll be working closely with your adoption professionals, it’s important to find an agency that makes you feel good — that’s not pushy or adds extra pressure. Chemistry is key.
  • How accessible is the adoption center? Because adoption is complicated, chances are you’ll have a whole bunch of questions. How easy is it to get answers? When you contact an agency, how quickly do they get to you? What are their hours? Is someone available around the clock? Adoption isn’t a 9-5 job. Be sure you can reach their workers when you need them.