Last time we discussed a recent article published by the Child Welfare Information Gateway. Conducting a study of parents who had adopted children, they sought to better understand the impact of adoption on adoptive parents so that prospective parents could better understand what was in store. At our California adoption center, we seek to make this adoption process as seamless as possible, giving you the support you need to lessen the emotional impacts of adoption and increase the joys.

Impact of Parenting

Adoptive parents must acclimate to becoming a parent of a new child almost more so than birth parents do when they bring their new baby home. Birth mothers benefit from being somewhat used to strange sleep patterns, as they get up frequently during the night while pregnant. In addition, they receive special hormones after birthing their child that allow them to have an instinct about what that child needs. However, while becoming a parent, whether for the first time or the fifth, can be a challenge, almost every single parent who chose to adopt a child is happy that they made the decision. In the end, we see that love is so much bigger than blood or hormones, and adoptive parents feel that the new addition to their family brings so much more life into their lives.

Impact of Adoption

There are several emotional and mental hurdles that may come up, long after the adoption process is complete. Understanding these challenges ahead of time will enable you to fully realize them when they come so you can make the most from them.

Stay tuned next time for the unique impacts that adoption has on parents, and contact our adoption center today to learn more about our adoption process!