We discussed last week the importance of introducing your adopted child to your family in the right way to ensure that your new child won’t feel overwhelmed or out of place. However, it is equally important to introduce your family to your adopted child in the right way. With a family that is prepared, welcoming, and loving, your new child will be sure to grow up in a happy environment where they always feel like they belong. At A Is 4 Adoption, our mission is to help families across California live happy, healthy lives, and to give every child that comes our way their best chance. For this reason, our California adoption center is one of the first choices for both birth mothers and adoptive parents.

If this is your first adoption and your family isn’t quite used to the idea of having a child that is not biological, it is important that you take extra precautions to make sure that you adequately prepare and train your family to accept this new child into their lives. These are just some of the ways to ensure that it is a smooth transition, and that your new child feels at home in your family for the rest of their life.

Introducing Your Adopted Child to a Biological Child

Talk to your kids. One of the most important discussions to have with your biological children before your adopted child comes home is that this new child is just as loved as they are, and live up to it. Treating all of your children the same, loving them the same, and giving them the same amount of attention will close the gap and work to avoid resentment.

Prepare your kids. It is important to give your biological children adequate preparation for the new sibling. Children are highly adaptable, but they need time to mentally and emotionally prepare for the idea of a new child in the home so that they don’t feel the need to compete for affection. If you were to have another biological child, your children would have nine months to prepare. Give them the same amount of time to prepare for an adopted sibling.

Give your kids play time. Make sure to give siblings important duties as well as time to play with the new baby. Create opportunities for the new siblings to bond.

Give your kids individual attention. No matter what, your kids should always feel special in the family. The most effective way to do this is to make sure you set aside plenty of time for each child to be alone with you or your spouse. one-on-one time is the key to breaking down resentment and making each child feel welcome.

Introducing Extended Family

The most important thing to do with your extended family is to make no distinction between your biological children and your adopted child. Soon, they won’t notice the difference either and your adopted child will feel welcome wherever they go.

We understand that transitions can be rough, especially when you are adopting a child into a family with biological children. However, your children will thrive where your love abounds, so don’t hesitate to give it away! If you need support, help, or advice, our California adoption center is always available, so contact us today.