Years ago you adopted a child through a closed adoption process and by the time the child was 10 years old, you were looking for answers about the child’s family medical history because of present health concerns. While sometimes those in the medical industry can find answers and solutions through symptoms, at other times, there are huge benefits in knowing what a child is up against when facing medical conditions. Birth family medical history can provide a straight line to a proper diagnosis. Many families go through a similar scenario each year as their adopted children grow and medical questions arise. While sometimes birth parents are approached to unseal family medical records and the outcome is successful, this doesn’t always happen.

Because of this scenario playing out, there are options when working through the adoption process to adopt a child. As an adoptive family, you can look to arrange adoptions with birth mothers who are willing to have an open adoption or a semi-open adoption as an alternative when going through the adoption process. As a birthmother, you can choose to have a closed adoption and leave the above scenario as a possibility or set the parameters of a semi-open adoption to include family medical history. It’s important as you’re making the decision to give up a child up for adoption or to adopt a child to find out as much as you can about your options and make an informed decision for your future and that of your birth child. Adoption centers can help you better understand your options. A is 4 Adoption offers help through the adoption process on both sides in California. Contact us 24 hours a day.