We make it our business to be a different kind of adoption center. By working closely with both birth parents and adoptive families throughout the entire adoption process, we do our best to pair both sides in order to produce beautiful and loving connections that will improve the life of each child. Because we care for our birth mothers better than any other adoption center or agency in California, A Is 4 Adoption is able to provide you with several choices so that your family can find a match that best fits your needs. Whether you have been searching for years for a solution to find the missing piece in your family, or you are just starting out today, our caring professionals will be happy to meet with you personally and understand what you are looking for so we can work toward pairing you with a child you can call your own.

We do our best to make our adoption process as straightforward as possible. Having gone through the adoption process ourselves, we understand that so many loving parents are denied children due to long processes, endless paperwork, and enormous fees. Because we work closely with you, we become your advocate, and because we only take a few cases every year, we have the time, the resources, and the passion to find you your perfect miracle.

Our Open Adoption Process

1 – Contact Our Adoption Center

It all starts with a call. We believe that long, drawn out applications only complicate the adoption process, so we work to get to know you first instead. By calling our adoption center, we are able to understand your needs, what you are looking for, why you are considering adoption, and do it all with a quality conversation so that we can truly offer you a personal service that is second to none.

2 – Screening

If we are accepting more cases at the time you contact us, then we’ll have you undergo a careful screening process. This may include a variety of checks, including background, reference, income, mental wellness, physical wellness, and others. The goal of this intensive screening process is to ensure that all of the adoptive parents with whom we work are capable of providing a quality, loving, and caring life for their new child.

We understand that timing is an essential element to bringing a child into a family. While our screening process is in-depth and comprehensive, we do our best to limit your wait time.

3 – We Get to Know You

After the screening has come back clear, we get to know you better, including your family, your needs, and the values with which you wish to raise your child.

4 – Matching You with Birth Parents

While we are getting to know you, we are also screening and getting to know our birth parents. Based on both sets of parents, we set up a list of birth mothers who we believe match your needs best, and we arrange meetings with the potential mothers with a mediator. Our mediators are typically those that have worked closely with you so that each meeting can be as comfortable as possible.

5 – Legal Proceedings

Once we have found a match, our team of specialized adoption attorneys initiates the legal process for you so that you have less to worry about and more to anticipate.

6 – Transition

Once the baby is born, your mediator or another member of our staff will be at the hospital with both you and the birth mother to ensure that there is a smooth transition and provide any support necessary.

The adoption process can be long, but we do our best to make it as simple and worry-free as possible. Contact us today to learn more!