Making the choice between an open, semi-open and closed adoption is a process that requires dedicated research, understanding and help from one of the most recommended adoption centers in CA. If you have not read our blog on the Difference Between a Semi-Open and Closed Adoption, we recommend doing so now so that you can understand what makes each type unique and so you can gain an initial feeling about which would be right for your family and your child.

Choosing an Open Adoption

If you feel drawn toward an open adoption, then we highly encourage talking to one of our specialists so that we can guide you toward the right resources and either the adoptive or birth parents that will make this transition as simple and successful as possible. Because this is one of the least common choices for adoptive parents, having the right adoption center on your side could mean a world of difference.

Choosing Between A Closed and Semi-Open Adoption

Many adoptive parents immediately jump to choosing a closed adoption simply because that is all they are familiar with. Recently however, many birthmothers are leaning toward semi-open adoptions because it gives them the benefit of checking in on their child while still leaving the control in the hands of the adoptive parents. Because this is a lifelong decision, we offer suggestions and advice for each case personally, but these are a few points to guide you in the direction that is right for you, your family and ultimately, the child.

Why Semi-Open Adoption Is Becoming Popular

With a closed adoption, the birth parents are completely cut off from the child’s life. This means that medical records are often sealed, barring the adoptive parents from fully understanding the child’s needs or history. In some cases, this has been beneficial to the child and his/her new family. In other cases, it prevents the right kind of care.

What Is Required From Adoptive Parents In Semi-Open Adoption

As the adoptive parents in a semi-open adoption, you are promising to provide the birth family with updates, pictures, and in some cases, letters from your child. This type of adoption may also mean that you meet the birthmother or parents before the adoption is finalized. It is important for you to be open to communication with the birthmother, and to understand your responsibilities. If you are not willing or don’t foresee fulfilling your end of a semi-open adoption, then you should choose a closed adoption.

Think About The Child

On both sides of the equation, every decision made should be in the best interest of the child. Never make a choice based on what would be easier or more convenient for you, because it will ultimately backfire. The best way to ensure your family’s happiness and satisfaction is to put the child first — whether you are adopting a baby or putting your child up for adoption.

Think About Timing

Because semi-open adoptions are so popular among birth parents, you may have to wait longer adopting a baby under a closed adoption. However, we never encourage choosing a semi-open adoption simply because it is faster. You must be ready for the commitment that it entails.

As a private adoption center, we work with both sides of the adoption, making the process as smooth as possible. Contact us today for help on deciding whether to choose closed, semi-open or open adoption.