According to the U.S. Census Bureau of 2009, nearly one-third of adoptions from foster care were by single adults. This number grows a bit larger when accounting for all adoptions, not just foster-to-adopt, that have happened in the U.S. This number has potential to grow as the stigma of single parenting decreases. Single parenting isn’t a breeze, but it has become more acceptable as the perception of children raised in single parent homes is changing. The stereotype of women staying home is no longer reality. Many men and women have great sources of income, allowing them to raise a child with the same opportunities as a child in a two parent home.

When you choose to give your child up for adoption, you have the opportunity to provide a home for your child in a single parent home. Working with adoption centers, like A is 4 Adoption, you get the opportunity to decide if a single parent or a family adopts your birth child. We help you make the match that fits both you, the birth mother and the adoptive person or couple. Our process strives to work with both parties to help the adoption process run smoothly by giving both parents satisfaction.

Your personal situation doesn’t matter, A is 4 Adoption provides care for mothers of teen pregnancies and single mothers with unplanned pregnancies. Our services help with room and board and making sure you have the medical care you need to have a healthy baby. Contact us 24 hours a day to connect with us at A is 4 Adoption.