Previously, we discussed the emotional impact and feelings of loss that birth parents may face when giving their child up for adoption. While many parents do face a period of grief that comes and goes throughout the lifetime of the child, the key to recovery is self-forgiveness, and we can help you get there. Using the study conducted by the Child Welfare Information Gateway, we are able to better help birth parents understand that they are not alone and there is hope.

Adoption’s Impact on Your Relationships

While there are some birth parents who claim there is difficulty in forming other relationships after the adoption process is complete, the studies given by the Child Welfare Information Gateway show that the majority of teen parents who do give their child up for adoption report much better relationships with their partners after the adoption process than those who choose to keep their child. However, this success depends on the birth mother’s ability to discuss with her partner her experiences of the adoption, how it made her feel, and how she is recovering. It requires healing from regret, and while a mother will always remember her child, that healing requires forgiveness.

How to Gain Control after Adoption

You never have to face the grief of placing your child in another home alone. There are many ways for birth parents to feel confident of their decision, to learn that it was the best decision, and to be successful in their life after adoption. These are just some of the ways that the Child Welfare Information Gateway details:


While birth parents made the decision for adoption long before the baby was born, when the time comes to give the child away, many feel that they have lost control, that the decision is no longer theirs, and that they regret it. To place this decision once more in their control, an entrustment ceremony is a wonderful way for the birth parents to maintain control, and give their child to the adoptive parents.

Support Systems

The best support systems you will find are birth parents who have undergone the adoption process and overcome the grief it can bring. At A Is 4 Adoption, we can guide you toward the right resources and previous birth parents who can help you to feel confident and begin to recover.


Many people in general find that writing down their emotions, thoughts, and experiences helps to process and regain control. Because writing simultaneously provides an outlet and perspective, many birth parents use it as a tool to see how far they have come.


Having an understanding counselor can be one of the best ways for you to overcome any feelings of regret, loss, and grief. Contact our experts today and we’ll guide you to the right resources.

We understand that adoption and parenthood is never easy, and it can come with complex emotions. We are always here to help, because we are passionate about treating our birth mothers and fathers better than any other adoption center or agency in California. Contact us today to learn more about adoption, and see what a miracle it can be.