In August of 2015, the Child Welfare Information Gateway conducted a study of parents who had undergone the adoption process in order to better understand what the impact truly is of adopting a child. By opening with a series of questions directed toward prospective adoptive parents, they were very careful to ensure that those who were seeking to adopt were not only financially able to support a new life, but also ready for a child emotionally, physically, and mentally.

We understand that nobody is truly ready for parenthood. However, being adequately prepared for the hardships that may come your way and the enormous responsibility that being a parent entails will help lessen the impact that adoption can have on adoptive parents. It is also important to remember that while adoption can sometimes feel like an emotional roller coaster, it is full of great joys and triumphs for both parent and child.

Adoptive parents not only have to acclimate to becoming parents, but they also have to deal with the weight of adoption itself, meaning that they undergo very different kinds of stresses than other parents. Because of this, their lives are impacted in three very important ways, according to the Child Welfare Information Gateway.

Impact of the Process

The actual adoption process is almost universally acknowledged among adoptive parents to be the most difficult part of adopting a child. Because many are forced to deal with outrageous fees, legal work, paperwork, and more, it can be a very stressful time. With A Is 4 Adoption, we do our best to make the adoption process less stressful and more exciting. Because we handle everything for you, personally match you with a birth mother, and have a team of adoption lawyers on your case, we have lessened the impact of the adoption process so you can focus on making your family complete.

Come back next time to learn the other two impacts of adoption on adoptive parents, and call A Is 4 Adoption to learn more about our process!