As many genetic differences as there are in the world, there are as many different ways an open adoption can function. As an adoptive family and birthmother come together through private adoption, they choose how the adoptive child’s life is going to unfold. There are benefits to offering an adoptive child an open adoption between their birthparents and adoptive parents. This arrangement of an adoption can offer answers to the child’s many questions about why they look different than their parents and why they act the way they do. Here are other benefits the child will experience with parents involved choosing an open adoption.

  • They will learn they were placed into adoption out of love. With a birth parent’s involvement in their lives, they will be able to experience the love their biological parent has for them.
  • They can more easily deal with the very abstract concept of adoption and their feelings about being unwanted. Having a connection to their birthmother in a positive way can relieve many of the feelings that can be so easily transmitted to the child.
  • Concrete information is easier for children to understand. Therefore, with a birthmother in the picture, the child can more easily grasp the abstract concepts of the terms adoption and birthmother.
  • It allows your child to understand who they are and where they came from. Having the time with their birthmother, however that may look, gives the child a chance to see a living example of someone else who has mannerisms they do and who understands those things that come from the biological family that the adoptive family doesn’t inherently know.

Having a private adoption can provide you with the opportunity to have an open adoption for your child.