We previously discussed the two final impacts that adoption can have on its parents. However, according to the Child Welfare Information Gateway, the impact of adoption is far-reaching, and can extend long past the rush of the adoption process is over. Understanding these trials that you may face can be your best defense against them, and with A Is 4 Adoption, you know you have an adoption center in California with team of people who support you and are ready to guide you. As adoptive parents ourselves, we fully understand the impact adoption can have, how much joy it can bring, and how it can transform your family for the better.

Impact of Adoption


There is such a thing as post-adoption depression, and it can be as severe as postpartum depression. This is generally caused by an overwhelming excitement and stress during the adoption process that give way to an overwhelming sadness when it the process is complete and the reality of being a parent fully sets into your daily life. In addition, some parents struggle with “attaching” to their new child, making them feel inadequate.

This depression rarely happens, but when it does, it is almost always resolved in time with the right support system. You will soon find yourself loving your adopted child as much as if you gave birth to them.

Identity Issues

Adoption is something that is out of our normal, natural instincts. Because of this, some parents struggle with feeling like there is a connection missing between them and their child, and they must work through:

  • Not feeling like parents
  • Not fully embracing their new role (especially with couples who struggled with infertility)
  • Not feeling qualified to be a parent
  • Feeling like they don’t love their child enough
  • Worrying why they don’t immediately feel love for their child
  • Feeling isolated

Feeling like it is a temporary situation

These feelings are generally related to feeling inadequate as a parent, which happens to all parents of all kinds at some point. Understanding that this is probably normal, that it will pass, and that all you need to do is have and encourage familial love will often help you through these trials. For many adoptive parents, they can remember a moment in time when they truly felt like a mom or dad. For others, feeling the responsibility of a daily routine and caring for their child makes them feel confident in their ability to parent. If you find that you are in a situation where you feel inadequate, there are people and activities that can help you heal. Connect with other adoptive parents and create family stories.

While there are challenges to parenthood, the vast majority of parents will tell you that it is worth it, that there is no job sweeter, nothing they love more, and no contest to the joy they feel. See how you can participate in the miracle of adoption, and get a support system in A Is 4 Adoption. We do everything possible to make adoption simple, full of love, and successful. Learn more and contact us today!