When considering adoption, one big decision to make is if the adoption should be open or closed. For some, it’s easy to decide to have an open adoption. Sometimes, it all depends on the families involved, while other times it has to do with the circumstances surrounding the situation. Either way, the adoptive parents have a say in whether they want an open adoption or not. The question may linger, how open is an open adoption?

Does open adoption require regular visitations? Does it mean the birth parent will have visitation rights? The answer can be no to either, but it could also be yes. An open adoption only means information about the birth mother and the adopting family is open. In the past, there were fewer adoptions that were open in order to protect the identity of the birth mother. As adoption carries less of a stigma, it has created more flexibility for variations of what having an open adoption means for both parties.

Today, the extent of the legal birth mother’s rights in open adoptions depends on the state in which the adoption takes place. In many cases, visitation comes from the partnership the adoptive family and the birth mother arrange on goodwill, rather than through a formal agreement.

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