Adoption is a process that is rife with many different emotions: joy, fear, frustration, excitement, and sometimes impatience. The adoption process often takes a very long time, and when you are working with an adoption agency in CA, you may find that you are waiting years before your adoption goes through. In that time, you may feel agitated and unsure of what to do with all that time. Here, we provide some suggestions about how you could fill your time while you wait for your adoption to go through:

Educate yourself

The best thing you can do while you wait for your adoption to go through is to educate yourself on adoption. Read books about the process, as well as how to parent adopted children. Speak to other parents who have gone through the adoption process, and learn from their experiences. By taking the time to be educated about adoption, you will be prepared when you get the call.


A wonderful way to spend time is to volunteer. When you do become parents, you won’t have very much free time, so now is your moment to give back. It would be especially great if you volunteered your time for an adoption-related cause. For example, you could volunteer for the Lifetime Adoption Foundation which helps birth mothers. Giving back is a productive use of your time that will make you feel better as you wait to hear about your child.

Inform your community

Let everyone know that you are going through the adoption process. Not only could this help you get a lead, but having the support of your community will help ease the burden of waiting for an adoption agency in CA to give you a call. You may find allies that you never would have expected by posting on social media or spreading the news through word of mouth.


Another great activity to do while you wait for your adoptive child is to keep a journal. A journal about this process could be a treasured keepsake for your child in the future, and could help you work through the feelings you are experiencing during this emotional time.

Nurture your relationships

Adoption can be a stressful process, and it can be easy to focus all of your energy on your future child while neglecting your loved ones. Do not forget the people who are in your life now. Put time into your relationship with your spouse, family members, and close friends. They are the ones who will help you raise your new child, and who will celebrate with you once your child arrives.

At A is 4 Adoption, we are intimately familiar with how frustrating the adoption process can be. Not only have we helped many families find their adoptive children, we were founded by a family who themselves went through the frustration of adoption. That is why we formed our adoption center in CA: to help other families going through the same process. If you need help with the adoption process, A is 4 Adoption can help. Contact us today.