Private Adoption Is a Miracle for Both Parents and Child

There is nothing quite like the miracle of adoption. It has the ability to bring joy to both child and parents and to make a family whole. Indeed, almost all of the adopted adults we’ve had the pleasure of meeting say they are grateful for the opportunities and the love that their family has shown them. We understand that adoption done right has the ability to change lives for the better across the board, which is why we firmly believe that private adoption offers birth parents, adoptive families, and their adoptive children the best chance at a happy, love-filled experience.

Our private adoption center in California is dedicated to making sure each person throughout the adoption process has the tools and support they need to truly thrive. However, just like how adoption can affect adoptive parents and birth parents, adoption can have a profound effect on the adopted child as well, and knowing the signs of these internal conflicts is the first step toward guiding them to understanding they are loved. Even if you were adopted as a child and you are just now facing some of these difficulties, we can help.

The Impact Adoption Can Have

Apart from the benefits a loving, caring family can bring, adoption also brings up some identity issues, which can manifest themselves in each party of the adoption, particularly in the children who are adopted. While we understand that adoption affects each individual uniquely, the Child Welfare Information Gateway performed research and compiled the results to show that many adopted children suffer from the following problems, even well into their adult lives. It is essential for you as a parent to let your child know that he or she is not alone in feeling this way, that it is normal, and that you are here to help them. The first step toward that guidance is understanding.


We have the amazing benefit of being able to provide adoptions at birth, which eliminates much of the feelings of loss and grief that a child may feel if they were adopted when they were older. However, a child may feel a profound loss when they learn of their adoption, particularly for the life or parents they might have had. This is natural and understandable, and it is important to handle these feelings as they come. Finding your child an adult-guided support group with other kids who were adopted will allow them to have a positive outlet for emotions that their other friends may not understand.

While grief may be the most noticeable issue, and usually the first to emerge, it is not the only one. Stay tuned to learn more about the effect that adoption has on adopted persons, and see how you can guide your child toward not only accepting that they are loved and wanted, but seeing adoption as a miracle in their own lives, as well as yours. If you have questions about our unique adoption process, then contact us today and see how we can help!