Taking the first step toward considering adoption is a big deal, and we are proud that you are willing to learn more. We understand that adopting a baby is an enormous responsibility. Because of this, we do everything we can to provide you with the facts and make the process as simple as possible so that you can be confident in your decision. Part of that process is helping you meet other successful adoptive families and learn why they made the decision to choose private adoption in California. These are some of the most common reasons why our previous adoptive parents chose to adopt a child:


We see so many couples come to us, distraught that they cannot conceive. They’ve tried everything possible and yet still feel like their family is incomplete. Because we work directly with birth mothers and potential parents, we are able to provide infertile couples with a beautiful newborn to adopt, allowing them to be parents when before that seemed impossible. Whether you don’t have any children, or you wish to make your family larger, our private adoption center can help.

Frequent Miscarriages

Several couples are able to get pregnant but struggle with frequent miscarriages. This process is extremely hard for both the parents’ emotional state, as well as the woman’s body. Adoption enables these couples to expand their family in a healthy way.

Save A Child

We see several adoptive parents come to us who are driven by religion, ethics, or a powerful emotional connection to the world in a way that inspires them to save a child who would otherwise be left to the foster system.


We will occasionally see single people or homosexual couples who would like to expand their families through adoption instead of other methods. This way, they are able to help a child and open their hearts to a family at the same time.

Contact A Is 4 Adoption today to learn about what makes our California private adoption center so different from the rest. We can provide you with the resources you need to make your decision and the right birth family/child once you do.