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What Are a Birthmother's Rights In California?

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As a birthmother in California, there are many things to consider when placing your baby for adoption. At A Is 4 Adoption, we’re here to help with the entire adoption process, connecting mothers with the adoptive parents, and making sure everything is taken care of along the way. We want to make sure the child is placed with a loving family and ensure the birthmother’s rights are considered during the adoption process.

If you have questions about private adoption, or you simply want more information about your rights as a birthmother, please feel free to contact us right away. Keep reading to learn more about the rights that a birthmother has when placing their baby for adoption!

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Gathering Information

As a birthmother, you have a right to certain information about the adoptive family. You are allowed to know their full names, ages, and ethnicities, along with the details of their marriage, including how long they’ve been married and if they’ve been married previously. This information will allow you to make the best decision regarding your child and the adoption process.
The adoptive family will also want information about you, such as your health history and background. Our A Is 4 Adoption team will make sure you understand everything the family wants to know, and what your rights are as the birthmother regarding this information.

Allowed to Change Your Mind

Placing a baby for adoption is a very important life decision, and there are many factors that play a role in that decision. As a mother, you might go back and forth on what to do and what’s best for your child, ultimately deciding that adoption is the best course of action. However, the State of California does allow you time to change your mind, should you decide you want to keep your baby. If 30 days have not passed since the child was adopted, or you have not signed any paperwork waiving your right to change your mind, you are legally allowed to change your decision regarding adoption.

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Post-Adoption Contact Agreement

For many birthmothers, they still want to be a part of their child’s life, even after they’ve been adopted. In California, you and the adoptive parents can sign what is known as a Post-Adoption Contact Agreement, which allows the birthmother to contact the child throughout their life. Through our private adoption center, you can also arrange a cooperative adoption, allowing you, as the mother, to stay in touch with your child and the adoptive family.

Legal Counsel

For many birthmothers, the idea of needing an attorney might seem foreign in relation to an adoption. There are law firms who specialize in family law, and the State of California must offer a birthmother legal counsel to protect her interests and rights. While this may not seem like a necessity, it’s important to understand that it is available, should you need it. A Is 4 Adoption’s staff will gladly answer any questions you have about the legal process and how it relates to the adoption process.

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If you’re considering placing a baby for adoption, we hope you’ll consider working with A Is 4 Adoption. There are more and more families looking to adopt, and we want to facilitate the communication and relationship between the birthmother and the adoptive family. We strive to provide the very best private adoption experience in California, as we know that choosing adoption is a courageous act of love. We believe this decision needs support, and nobody takes better care of birthmothers than us, which means happier, healthier babies.

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