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What To Do When You Have An Unplanned Pregnancy?

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If you have an unplanned pregnancy, don't panic. Know that there are many options available to you, and you can get the help and support that you need. At A is 4 Adoption in Costa Mesa, CA part of our goal of becoming the best private adoption agency is to provide pregnant women with support, patience, and understanding. Suddenly finding out you are pregnant can leave you shocked and overwhelmed with all of the possibilities to consider. That’s why we put together a blog post to help you evaluate your situation and the emotions you’re feeling, as well as the support options that are available to you. Read through our blog, then reach out to us with any questions you may have.

It’s Okay to be Emotional

It’s common to feel a range of emotions when you find out you are pregnant unexpectedly. You may feel scared, excited, and confused all at once. It’s okay to feel these things, and it’s important to give yourself time to process the news. It's a good idea to write down what you are feeling and review what you wrote in a few days when the intensity of the emotions has subsided. With a clearer mind, you can better evaluate how you truly feel about your pregnancy.

Seek Out Non-Judgemental Support

If you need to talk to someone about your pregnancy, seek out support from people who will not judge you. This could be a close friend or family member, a therapist, or a support group specifically for pregnant women. If you don’t have anyone in your life who you feel can provide this type of support, reach out to us at A is 4 Adoption. We can help you better understand what options are available to you and help you take the first steps to contact these valuable resources.

Don’t Let Finances Be Your Top Concern

For most women, money is a big concern when they discover that they are unexpectedly pregnant. While this is a valid concern, you should never let finances be the only factor in your decision-making process. There are many organizations and government programs that can assist you with both medical expenses and the typical costs that come with having a baby, as well as a variety of resources that can support you through each phase of the child's life. So focus less on whether or not you can afford to be a parent, and more on whether or not you want to be a parent.

Visualize Your Options

When making a decision about your pregnancy, it can be helpful to visualize each option. What would your life look like if you decided to parent? What would it look like if you placed your child for adoption? And what are the ups and downs that come with these options? Parenting can be an incredibly gratifying experience, but it is also a lifelong commitment. Adoption can also be incredibly gratifying, as you'll know you've helped a couple achieve the family of their dreams while also providing the baby with a loving home.

Making the decision about what to do with an unplanned pregnancy can be difficult, but know that you are not alone. A is 4 Adoption is here to support you through every step of the process, whether you decide to parent or place your child for adoption. We strive to be the best private adoption agency in Costa Mesa, CA, and part of that mission means becoming a place where women can openly talk about their emotions about their pregnancy. Learn more about what we can do to support you today!

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