Q: What if my parents kick me out of the house because I’m pregnant? +

A: It’s easier to get through difficult times with the support of family. However, if this is not possible in your case, our caring and supportive staff will guide you through the adoption process with respect and confidentiality. A is 4 Adoption will help you find safe and affordable housing. During this difficult time, it is important that you live in a stress-free environment.

Q: What if the birthfather doesn’t support my adoption plan? +

A: Often birthfathers don’t react well to news of an unplanned pregnancy. Like you, they need time to process the news. After things have calmed down, birthfathers generally are more open to hearing about the opportunity adoption provides both the birth parents and adoptive families. Some birthfathers need to feel involved and want to participate in the process of selecting the adoptive parents. They too, need to have peace of mind and confidence in the adoption plan. A is 4 Adoption is here to assist both of you with this process.

Q: What if I don’t even know where the birthfather is? Does he have any rights? +

A: The State of California protects the rights of birthfathers. If you know where he is, he has the right to know about the adoption plan. If we are unable to locate the birthfather-or, as in some cases where the birthfather is unknown—our adoption attorney will take the necessary steps to locate him, and terminate his rights.

Q: Can I/we meet the parents who will adopt my baby? +

A: Absolutely! You have a right to meet and choose the adoptive parents. Based on your preferences, we present several profiles to you. Then you decide whom you would like to interview. After the interviews, you select the adoptive parents.

Q: Are the adoptive parents screened? +

A: Yes. Every adoptive parent must complete a home study implemented by a licensed adoption agency or by the Department of Social Services. Either way, they are fully screened before an adoption can be finalized.

Q: Can I get photos of my baby after the birth/adoption? +

A: Yes. When you interview prospective adoptive parents, you discuss the level of contact desired by both parties. If you prefer an open adoption that includes receiving pictures of the baby, you select adoptive parents who are comfortable with that.

Q: Can I get assistance with living expenses? +

A: Yes. California state law permits adoptive parents to cover pregnancy-related expenses. If a Birth Mother is unable to work because of her pregnancy, the law allows adoptive parents to assist with living expenses such as rent, groceries and utilities. Other permitted expenses include pre-natal care (that is not covered by insurance), counseling, maternity clothes, and transportation fees to and from pre-natal care appointments.

Q: Will The Adoptive Parents And My Birth Mother Advisor Be With Me At The Hospital? +

A: Yes, but only if you want them/us there. We can stay in your room with you, or we can stay in the waiting room. It’s your decision; and we will respect your wishes.

Q: Can I still receive financial support after the baby is born? +

A: Yes. California state law permits adoptive parents to continue supporting the Birth Mother financially after the birth, depending upon the circumstances of each individual case.

Q: Am I totally on my own after the birth? +

A: No. Our staff will follow up with you for as long as you would like. We will continue to assist you with counseling, post-partum care, education and career guidance, finding safe and affordable housing, and emotional support.