laurie_ColtonPlacing a child for adoption is not an easy decision to make. First and foremost, we want to thank all of the birth mothers who have placed a child for adoption or are thinking about placing a child for adoption. Without you and your selfless acts, some families would never have the opportunity to be a parent.

Struggling with the frustrations of adoption, Laurie Colton and her husband found themselves trying to swim through mountains of paperwork, endless obstacles and the perpetually ineffective adoption systems that were less-than-empathetic to them or the mothers they were working with. Unlike many parents still on the frustratingly long waiting list, Laurie and her husband did finally get their happy ending with a beautiful little daughter.

Inspired by her experience, or rather motivated by the frustration she had faced, Laurie and her husband made the decision to open A is 4 Adoption—a bonded California adoption center that is dedicated to not only bridging the gap between birth mother, child and prospective adoptive parents, but to doing it with empathy, kindness, compassion and care. Laurie knew from the start that in order to fulfill this dream of hers, she must be able to provide for birth mothers who are taking the leap of faith as well as service the new parents who are full of courage and love. In this way, Laurie is providing for all individuals involved.

Because Laurie has been on the other side of the adoption process, she understands the frustration that so many adoptive parents face, and she is passionate about making the process more compassionate, empathetic and efficient. Laurie has a representative meet with the mother in person to better understand her situation, and a representative is also there for the birth. Because we take care of our birth mothers in a way that no other adoption center, service or organization does, our babies are born happier and healthier. Start your process to adopt today with A is 4 Adoption.

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For A Is 4 Adoption, It’s Just That Simple.

In order to better serve each person that comes to the door, Laurie and A is 4 Adoption limit the number of adoptions they facilitate each year.

Laurie respects the adoption system, and loves the work it does by bringing families together and making dreams come true, and she is passionate about being a part of it. She loves being able to place babies in loving homes where they can have all of their needs met, not just physically but emotionally as well. Her goal is to have children who will grow up to be contributing citizens in their communities.

A is 4 Adoption is driven to succeed.

Contact A is 4 Adoption today to learn more about our adoption process and find out how we can help you—whether you are an expecting mother or a prospective adoptive parent, we have the services you need.