Private Adoption In the United States

Today, more and more adults looking to grow their family through nontraditional methods can achieve the happiness they seek by adopting a baby. This option provides an ideal outcome for everyone, as birth mothers are able to provide a loving life for their little one while having a second chance at their own, adoptive families can grow and love, and the child can benefit from a complete support system.

Often referred to as independent adoption, private adoption is a quality alternative to traditional methods. Working with an adoption agency in California can provide the support that birth mothers and adoptive parents need to get through this complex process, but remember that these establishments adhere to strict regulations and often do not consider the individual’s needs or goals.

In America today, families have the power to adopt a child through private means. This doesn’t mean that you are tasked with going it alone. A is 4 Adoption is here to serve as your guide throughout the adoption process, delivering complete support every step of the way. After going through the adoption process, the founders of our center decided to dedicate themselves to improving the process, delivering more babies in need into the arms of more waiting parents.

Adoption Without An Agency – How Do You Proceed?

When many people look to adopt a child or place their baby for adoption, an agency may sound like the only option. However, independent adoption gives people the ability to choose their preferred method of adoption, bringing on professionals and services at their discretion.

If you’re ready to adopt, or you are pregnant and looking for support, we are here to help. This is a big decision, and one that should be made in full confidence. A is 4 Adoption is proud to be your trusted adoption services provider.

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The Advantages Of Private Adoption

  • Personalized Results – Relying on personal preferences for both parties to help ensure an ideal fit. Mothers relinquish their rights to the agency, giving the agency full control! In private adoption the mother continues to make the decisions for her child. All services are FREE to birth mothers
  • Face-To-Face Connections – Modern adoption now focuses more on the community mindset when it comes to raising a child. Through private means, pregnant mothers and adoptive families can work together to create a positive dynamic. Pregnant mothers will not need to worry about who is adopting her child, and adoptive parents will be able to meet the mother of their miracle
  • Method Options – While adoption through an agency provides one clear-cut choice, many families are finding that they can manage an ideal outcome through multiple methods
  • Quality Matches – Much of the stress from adopting a child comes from the uncertainty of the future. Birth mothers want to find the perfect setting for their child, and adoptive parents will be watching the calendar crawl by until their little miracle is home
  • Shorter Wait Times – By creating a personalized approach to adoption matches, families are able to find one-on-one matches in shorter time. Our adoption center strives to deliver the fastest results we can, helping many eager families in the process
  • Peace of Mind – Adoption agencies work to place your child following a set formula, resulting in an adoption that may not detail where the child came from for adoptive parents or where he or she is going for biological mothers. Our open adoption practices help to keep lines of communication open when desired

Private Adoption Empowers Pregnant Mothers

Beyond the peace of mind in knowing that they are making the best possible choice, pregnant mothers can expect to undergo a roller coaster of emotions during this time. Even if you know this decision will benefit everyone involved, it can still be difficult to relinquish your child. Private adoption gives birth mothers the power to make choices that will best reflect their love and care of the child both now and in the future. As the mother, you will be guided through the entire process and asked to make decisions that you are comfortable with.

Our birth mother support services ensure that expectant mothers are cared for, both emotionally and financially. This can be a stressful time for you, and any unexpected changes or setbacks can prove to be draining. Be sure you put your trust in an organization that is as dedicated to your happiness as you are! Signing on with the wrong team to complete your private adoption process can make matters worse, so be sure you reach out to our adoption center to see how we approach the process for every individual.

Finding the Right Guide for Your Adoption

The act of adoption can be completed through numerous avenues, with private adoptions through the guidance of a professional being a top choice. A is 4 Adoption strives to deliver the highest level of quality with all of our services, personalizing our plans for each individual to provide a loving fit. When it comes to private adoption, it will be essential for adoptive parents and pregnant mothers to do their research first. A is 4 Adoption is here to set the standard in the industry, paving the way for effective services to create a positive impression for birth mothers and adoptive parents.

Hiring the right professionals for your private adoption journey can deliver the level of support needed to limit the stress and waiting periods often synonymous with adoption. If you’re currently seeking out a professional resource for your independent adoption, be sure to reach out to our team to learn more!

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A is 4 Adoption’s Approach To Quality

Finding the right advocate for your adoption process can make a world of difference.

  • High Standards – Our adoption center strictly adheres to all of California’s Adoption Laws, navigating the process in a clear manner to ensure compliance is met at all times. We strive to set the standard, and will do our best to provide the most professional services
  • Trusted Operations – The legitimacy of your adoption center will help to establish a trusting relationship. A is 4 Adoption is proud to be a bonded California Adoption Company and a highly rated member of the Better Business Bureau
  • Quality Staff – Many private adoption centers rely on a small team to create big changes, often overworking the staff and hurting productivity. A is 4 Adoption focuses on balanced workloads for all of our employees, ensuring that each client receives the highest level of service
  • Complete Birth Mother Help – While adoption agencies across California help mothers to find a match for their little one, they rarely provide support to ensure complete comfort. Our adoption center helps by guiding, educating, and continuing to support birth mothers throughout the process
  • Professional Counseling – We have a network of professional counselors to help with support and guidance, as navigating this emotional process can be challenging. Our team is also here to help with support and guidance to ensure the highest level of success
  • Complete Privacy – Confidentiality is a top priority here, as your information will be kept private. Your information will be exclusive only to our team members

Ready To Begin? We Can Help Immediately

Our adoption process can be beneficial for everyone involved, and our services aim to deliver a quality result for anyone in need of private adoption. For years, our Cali-based adoption center has delivered amazing outcomes for clients on both sides of the spectrum, resulting in lifelong matches that are sure to change everyone’s lives for the better.

If you’re ready to begin, be sure to contact our specialists for assistance today! A is 4 Adoption provides complete satisfaction for all of our clients, including:

Adoptive Parents

For adoptive parents, our team can get to work finding the perfect child. Our adoption center focuses on creating the quality matches, and will not ask you to compete for attention in order to find your little miracle. Our personalized approach follows a simple process to keep adoptive families focused on the prize:

  1. Limit Our Client Base – Our adoption center limits the number of adoptive parents we work with, ensuring you receive personalized and caring attention throughout the process
  2. Work With California Mothers – We stay in close contact with our birth mothers to help ensure complete care, providing optimal health outcomes for both them and the baby
  3. Matching With Parents – Once we find suitable birth parents for your family, our adoption center will set up interviews and match meetings. This process helps to ensure an ideal match and the highest success rate
  4. Creating a Relationship – After you have been matched, our team will facilitate all communications and legal requirements to complete the process, including our network of skilled attorneys to get the job done

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Birth Mothers

Support for Mom kicks in immediately, as well! Our birth mother advisor will meet with you to discuss your needs while also providing you with options for you to choose from. A is 4 Adoption is here to deliver complete support for families of all types, which includes housing, groceries, transportation, and more. If you are considering adoption, it can help to know that our center provides financial support for housing, phone, utilities, groceries, maternity clothes, and more. Our caring staff is available 24/7 to take calls, and we are always happy to speak with pregnant mothers who are in need of support.

Private Adoptions Can Be Open Adoptions, Too!

With so many phrases being thrown around these days, it can be difficult to understand what exactly is involved with your adoption process. Numerous clients we help admit that they were confused about private adoption versus closed adoption. While sounding similar in name, closed adoptions do not allow for communication between the birth and adoptive parents. This style has become less popular over the years, as adopted children reach out to maintain relationships and learn more about where they come from.

Private adoptions, on the other hand, entail that you are going through your own method of adopting a baby as opposed to using a public agency. If you’ve considered hiring an adoption agency in California to provide ideal services to grow your family, be sure to reach out to A is 4 Adoption instead! Our adoption professionals are dedicated to providing life-changing results for birth mothers and adoptive parents alike. Contact us today to learn more!