God bless Julie and Laurie

shutterstock_97734281Dear Birthmother,

Allow me to commend you on your decision to place your child for adoption. Thankfully, you have chosen A is 4 Adoption to help you through this very difficult time.

I found A is 4 Adoption in the darkest time in my life. I was four months pregnant, living in my friend’s two bedroom duplex with her three children, with no income, and with no foreseeable hope. I made the call and my life turned around the day that I met Laurie and Julie.

From day one, A is 4 Adoption made sure my needs were taken care of physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. They walked me through the process of finding the perfect adoptive family for my son like it was second nature.

Words can’t describe the differences Julie and Laurie made in my life still to this day. They helped to change the hardest thing I have ever had to do, into a blessing and enriching event.

A is 4 Adoption, along with my son’s adoptive parents (and big brother) have become like a second family. I speak with them frequently and receive pictures every few months.

But beyond that… I have piece of mind that I did right by my child. And proved what a good parent I am by admitting that I am not equipped to raise my son in the capacity that he deserves, and finding someone who can. Adoption is the most selfless thing you could do in the world, and beyond that it’s the right thing to do. God bless Julie and Laurie for creating A is 4 Adoption. I do not know that I would be in such a positive place in my life if it weren’t for them.