It Was An Answer To Our Prayers

To Whom It May Concern,

shutterstock_126895157It was an answer to prayer that lead us to “A is 4 Adoption” in October 2003. My husband and I had planned on filing for adoption through a different agent but we’re hit with undisclosed costs at the last minute, which led us to start our search all over again.

I opened up the phone book and “A is 4 Adoption” was the first listing under adoption so I started there. We met on Saturday for breakfast and they had a birth mom in town to meet some other couples and asked if he wanted to meet with her on Sunday. We were completely surprised but overjoyed and a little nervous because this was happening so fast. We met this birth mom the next day and were matched by Monday.

Of course this was an unusual circumstance for a match to happen so quickly and it was clearly God’s work that brought us all together and the staff at “A is 4 Adoption” was there to make everything run smoothly. We only have four months to wait for our son to be born and developed a great relationship with her birth mom in the meantime.

Our son was born in February 2004 and we are going through our home study process now. The staff at “A is 4 Adoption” has been there to answer any questions and address any concerns along the way. They have been very professional and at the same time very personal, which was important to my husband and myself. During our adoption journey we found that many places made us feel like being the adoptive parents was not as important as the birth moms, I don’t want that to sound bad, we have nothing but respect and admiration for these women that help couples create a family that couldn’t do so otherwise. It was just nice that the staff at “A is 4 Adoption” made us feel just as important and was concerned with making sure that we were protected and look out for.

In our situation we were met with a wonderful fourth mom was open and honest and let me those four months a lot easier. Our birth mom was definitely an answer to a lot of prayers and we consider the staff at “A is 4 Adoption” Guardian angels that helped us along the way. If we decide to adopt again “A is 4 Adoption” will be the first phone call we will make. If you have any questions or would like a reference please feel free to call us at home.

Larry and Angela